How to balance hormones to lose weight and get healthy for life.


If you’ve been following me for a while, or perhaps you’ve landed here after watching one of my YouTube videos, you know, I’ve been dealing with massive hormonal imbalance issues for many years. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but I have learned SO MUCH!!! If you want to balance YOUR hormones to lose weight, I can help you. I’ve been at this for 5+ years and I’ve put together everything I’ve learned into one place for YOU!

Based on demand, I’ve put it all together for you in a comprehensive guide to optimizing your hormones so you can live your SERIOUSLY BEST LIFE. 

Do you want to be like me, and feel that you look AND feel your BEST at age 40 or 50 or 60 and beyond? I’m 52 as I publish this and that’s exactly how I feel. I’m more confident about my looks and how my health is now than I was in my 20’s!!! This is what “aging” can be ladies!! You can 100% be LOOKING FORWARD to the decades after age 40- when you balance your hormones, fix your thyroid issues, address your cortisol challenges, and (likely) adjust your diet and improve parts of your lifestyle. It’s all doable and I’m here to share everything I’ve learned over the past 5+ years so that YOU don’t have to wait that long to figure things out. 

Consider me your shortcut to Hormonal Happiness. 

This book shares EVERYTHING I know, everything I’ve learned, all of my own personal experiences– what to do and what not to do, what’s worked and what hasn’t worked, lists of resources and recommended reading, links to interviews with experts of all kinds….basically all the information that I’ve applied in my own life to transform and optimize my health.

I cover:
1) How to recognize when you probably have hormonal imbalance.
2) Why getting bloodwork done is of critical importance and how to get comprehensive bloodwork done when your primary care doc or OB/GYN might tell you that you don’t need it.
3) How to know you AREN’T getting treated appropriately for your issues by your primary care doc or endocrinologist or OB/GYN. This is VERY common.
4) Why you need to review all the medications you are on currently and understand their likely contributions to your current hormonal imbalance situation.
5) How to adjust your diet/exercise focus while you start to pursue hormone optimization.
6) How to find a GOOD functional medicine doctor.
7) How to know when it’s time to find a new doc, based on what you have been prescribed.
8)Peptides: good or bad? necessary or optional?
9) Testosterone: Not just for men, and why it’s so important for women.
10) Estrogen Dominance: Symptoms to look out for and how to start reversing it naturally
11) All the things you’ve been doing in your fitness/weight loss journey that might be working against you now.
12) Lifestyle changes you should incorporate immediately to help healing
13) Why a reverse diet might be the best thing for you
14)Adrenal Fatigue: how it happens (easier than you think) and how to reverse it

15) Insulin Resistance: how it happens and how to address it

16) Why KETO is so good for hormone optimization.

17) Why you probably are eating too much protein.
18) Why FASTING is beneficial for healing insulin resistance– and not just intermittent fasting but prolonged fasting.
19) What supplements are helpful for all of the above issues and why they are so important.
20) Why gut health is so important and key for your hormones to work optimally.
21) How to be more assertive with your doctor and be an advocate for your health.
22) Why you need to stop self-diagnosing.
23) Stress Reduction and why it’s so important.
24) The importance of SLEEP on hormones and hormone balance.
25) Self-Awareness: why being self-aware and fully invested in yourself and your health will change your future. 
26) ….a WHOLE LOT MORE. 5+ years of experience, research, resources and expert input. All pulled together for you in one spot so you don’t have to take 5 years to learn what I did. 

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You can pre-order this comprehensive eBook now for $24.95. (Updated publish date: January 1, 2022: Why this date? Because of my recent overwhelming success with my new functional medicine doctor and the keto diet combined with prolonged fasting and intermittent fasting, I’m adding essentially, a whole new SECTION of the book, including several interviews with my doctor. As such, and because I want to be very thorough– and because I’ll be doing this during the holiday season, I’d rather under promise and over deliver than vice versa. I may get this eBook finished well before this date but because I am adding so much, right now, I’m leaving it for January 1, 2022. It WILL be worth the wait I assure you. In the meantime for all those who pre-order the book, you will be invited to join my private Facebook group where you can ask me any private hormone related questions you’d like on a daily basis and I can answer in a group setting, once daily.) Be sure you are subscribed to my newsletter so you’ll know when the book is ready– (don’t worry, we’ll add you too but to be safe, opt in on your end too!!)

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