The opposite of nice isn't nasty.

Sales Training For Women In Business Who Want To Earn MORE, and Know They Deserve It.

Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated when you consider how hard you work and how little you EARN? Do you find yourself comparing your work or your business with others and wondering why they seem to be achieving such financial success when you do “EVERYTHING” and aren’t coming even close? Do you often wonder if “it’s just you” and that maybe you just aren’t cut out to earn as much as you want to earn?

Do any of these sound familiar?

Ladies, you have to know this one thing. The women you see who are rising to the top in corporate America or the women you see just owning the #bossbabe life weren’t born with special genes that you don’t have. It’s not some exclusive DNA strand that guarantees financial success. 

The ladies you see posting Facebook Lives and Instagram Stories and Videos and YouTube videos were not born the skills of an actor. They had to learn how to be good on social media and just like anything, it came with PRACTICE. 

YOU can absolutely change your future and change your life, and earn an income (or incomes, as we’ll focus on in this course, which is recommended) that you previously thought was an impossible dream. 

How will you do this?

You’ll learn how to stop playing NICE.

Now hold up right here. If you read the above statement and think, “Oh Lord, no way is this for me. I don’t need someone training me on how to ‘THINK LIKE A MAN’ or showing me how much of a b*tch I have to be, that’s not me!“– then please, do yourself a favor and read on. 


  • PLAYING NICE covers a broad range of behaviors that many women exhibit, including me for many years. 
  • PLAYING NICE generally refers to women who are insecure and uncomfortable in some way being assertive in business. 
  • PLAYING NICE could mean you are uncomfortable promoting yourself online and in social media.
  • It could mean you think you aren’t good enough, or pretty enough, or thin enough, or experienced enough, or educated enough– all because you are worrying about what others think of you.
  • That’s a people pleaser, and people-pleasers are always worrying about being accepted by others. They take the safe route. They avoid posting video because they worry about how silly their voice sounds or how they look on camera. They avoid self-promotion because they don’t want to come off as “pushy” or “salesy”. PLAYING NICE also happens when women don’t push back or have difficult conversations with employees or colleagues or vendors or clients or bosses, because they worry about how they’ll be perceived.
  • PLAYING NICE means over-discounting your products or services because you think you have to. PLAYING NICE means going so far above and beyond for every favor asked of you or for every client that you find yourself exhausted every day. PLAYING NICE means you put everyone else first and yourself last. 


I PROMISE YOU. Once you understand the big picture and take time to reflect on your own behavior, you’ll see this course is EXACTLY what you need. I KNOW IT IS, because everything I’m teaching you is what I changed in my own professional life, and it transformed me, my business and my life forever, For the better. This is why I have become so crazy passionate about providing this course for YOU. I want YOU ladies out there to EXCEL, and I know I can show you how. 


HERE’S A HINT: The reason this course is titled, The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty is precisely because far too many women, when I’ve started coaching them and when I tell them they need to stop being such a people pleaser and stop worrying about being so NICE all the time, they immediately think we are going to ask them to become Claire Underwood. Nope. This isn’t about becoming a B*TCH It’s not about alienating everyone and building up a community of haters. This is about embracing your true worth and becoming the strong, independent, powerful woman you can be, and never looking back, 


My name is Kelly Olexa. For over 15 years, I worked in corporate
sales. In all of my roles, I was an outstanding performer, always achieving my
quotas and more often than not, exceeding my quotas by upwards of 450%. In
2011, I went out on a limb and founded a company called FitFluential. It was
the first fitness influencer network of its kind, and we quickly grew into a
profitable 7-Figure business. I did this having absolutely no idea what I was
doing at first. I had no investors. No employees to start with. No business
plan, just a gut feeling. Stepping out of my comfort zone and founding a
successful business is one of the things I’m most proud of in my life. 

Everything changed for me 2 years ago. I’ll share the stories in greater depth
in the course videos, and the corresponding lessons, but for now, you get the
trailer version. 2 years ago for myriad reasons, I had clean house in my
business. I had to take over operations and begin to fix a lot of things that
were not being handled with my best interests at heart. It has been 2 of the
hardest years of my life, but because of all the chaos and drama, I am FOREVER
CHANGED for the better. I chose to see that everything that was happening in my
world was happening FOR me not just TO ME. Those 2 years toughened me up. They
made me stronger, wiser, savvier, more resilient, more determined, more
ambitious, and more confident. I became comfortable being unapologetically
myself, hence the name of my blog. 

Ladies, during these 2 years, I began to see myself differently. As I
considered all the chaos in my business and the betrayals by colleagues or
vendors, I wondered “How did I let this happen?”. I started to see
that maybe I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was. The more I ruminated on the
past, the more I saw that I was not at all strong. I was weak. I was a doormat.
And when you are a doormat, people have no choice but to wipe their feet all
over you. 

I was the definition of a PEOPLE-PLEASER. If you aren’t familiar with this
term, look it up. If you are, and you identify with this, as many MANY women
do, then know this. Being a people pleaser is not an asset in business. Being a
people pleaser is an attribute that will impede your success, and limit your

During these 2 years of chaos, as I got my “School of Hard Knocks
MBA”, I began to see my past from a different perspective. While I HAD
been a successful sales executive in my early career, I saw with total clarity
how SMALL I played. What do I mean by PLAYING SMALL? I took the comfortable
jobs, the ones with a high base salary and low commission percentage. WHY?

Because I didn’t believe I could make the big numbers. I thought that the MEN
made the big numbers. 
How wrong I was. 

Fast forward to when I founded my first start-up. My desire to please everyone
and win everyone’s approval did NOT make me a solid leader. Over the next 7 years, I learned more about business and selling and leadership and money than I ever could have imagined. And most particularly, during the last 2 years, the years of unexpected change and chaos and betrayals, I became the woman I never thought I could be. Today, I am more confident and capable than ever. I am fearless and ALIVE. I am determined to succeed in helping thousands, even millions of women become the BEST most successful versions of themselves, and I KNOW I WILL. For the first time in my life, I BELIEVE IN MYSELF with absolutely no doubt. This is what I want for you, and this is what I KNOW you’ll be saying about yourself after you finish your first round of The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty. I’m giving you ALL I’ve got. I am dedicated to transforming you into the woman you deserve to be. Just say yes. 




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Having an A-HA moment yet? Is this you? A LOT of WORK and too LITTLE PAY and too little PLAY? Are you getting that uncomfortable feeling that you too have been PLAYING SMALL? If so, I hope you are ready to say, "ENOUGH OF THAT. It's MY TURN for success. It's MY TIME now. I'm ALL IN." All right then. Let's do this.

Here's "the OPPOSITE OF NICE" experience.

The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty is a 6-Week Experience designed to transform the way you think about yourself and your business so that you can earn your WORTH. If you are ready to LEVEL UP and earn double or TRIPLE (or 10x) your current income, then you are in the right place. You’re probably not generating the income you want, NOT because you are in the wrong job or because you chose the wrong MLM or because your product or book isn’t good enough, it’s more likely because of your self-limiting MINDSET and corresponding behaviors and habits that are impeding your progress. If you’re willing to do the work on YOU, by being truly honest with yourself and identifying the areas where YOU have played small in the past, you will  experience a metamorphosis like no other. 
This is not strictly a course that trains on sales techniques. Yes, we’ll include training on sales and negotiation and effective marketing, but more importantly, we will FLIP YOUR MINDSET. 
If you are taking this course, you already know that your mindset – the way you see yourself or believe in yourself, the way you give in to fear or doubt on a daily basis, the way you give up too easily or experience jealousy of others vs. pride in yourself– all of these feelings are a MAJOR FACTOR in what’s holding you back. 
Just like a neglected house gets “flipped” on HGTV into a ridiculously dreamy home, we’ll do the same with you. 
And just like that old neglected house couldn’t catch anyone’s eye, let alone a buyer with money to spend, so will YOU become that in-demand business professional attracting new clients and leads like never before. 
When you change on the inside first, then apply the right sales and marketing practices next, you will experience exponential business growth.
Let’s make it happen NOW. You deserve extraordinary success and YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t wait. Don’t doubt that this course is for you. Don’t second guess yourself, haven’t you been doing that long enough?? I thought so. Let’s go.
  • Self Paced Video Tutorial Course: 28 Video Modules. Each week, you'll proceed through a self-paced course that guides you through 3 primary areas of focus: Your PAST, Your PRESENT, and Your FUTURE. The PAST section is extremely important and requires an open and honest mind, and a lot of introspection in considering your past behavior patterns in business and personal relationships. The PRESENT section is where we evaluate where you are now and what we identify as the areas that need to change, the areas where YOU need to change to see massive improvement. The FUTURE section is where we dive into boss sales techniques and best practices for any and all kinds of business scenarios. You'll learn more about selling, business development, negotiation, and client relationship management than ever before and finish feeling empowered and confident to RISE. Most of the course is taught via video instruction, featuring Kelly Olexa and sometimes, some special guests. You'll also have homework to do at your own pace and you'll get recommendations for helpful books and products you can use in your business going forward.
  • Private Facebook Community: You'll join our private Facebook community. Each day, Monday-Friday, I will share relevant news/resources/tips and will answer specific questions posed by YOU in the community. Anything goes here and the more real-life questions we get, the more we can teach you. You'll also learn from other women on the same journey as you, and it's highly likely you'll make a lot of new friends for life. Remember, the key to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals!
  • Interactive Facebook Lives: Once a week, in the private Facebook group, I will host a Facebook LIVE, typically on Fridays. During this session, I can role play with any volunteers who want to work through real-life business situations that are keeping them stuck. I will also answer questions or talk more in depth about other questions posed in the group that week.
  • Interviews With Successful Boss Babes: Once a week, in the private Facebook group, I will interview a successful she-preneur or corporate executive who has "been there, done that". These ladies will share how they changed their own limiting behaviors and learned that being NICE in business doesn't take you far. You'll see very clearly each week some powerful examples of strong, confident women owning their businesses without worrying about playing NICE and I promise you, the last thing you'll think about these women is that they seem NASTY.

“Working with Kelly is easily one of the best decisions I ever made. Kelly is willing to ask the hard questions and provide clear guidance to help her clients succeed. She is an an industry leader and passionate about helping others around her take their businesses to the next level. I quickly scaled my company using the advice Kelly shared with me and highly recommend working with her.”

Amanda Tress| FASTer Way to Fat Loss Founder  FASTerWayToFatLoss.com

are you ready to stop settling for less? are you ready to play big and change your life?

I know without a doubt that you will transform your business and your income, and position yourself for exponential growth in 2019 and beyond by taking this course. More importantly, the principles you’ll apply during our time together will forever change your LIFE. I don’t say that lightly. My life has changed forever for the better, and I’m about ready to do things in this next chapter of my life I only DREAMED about years ago. And I have ZERO DOUBTS I will do them. You will too. Sign up NOW for The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty, a 6-Week Experience that will deliver a transformation in you that you never thought possible. I guarantee it. For less than what you probably spend a week at Starbucks, you can forever change your future. And I promise you, this is way better than any Frappuccino. Our next round starts on MAY 27TH, 2019. Don’t wait, sign up TODAY.

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"Kelly Olexa is a natural business strategist and relationship building sales leader in both the health/fitness and digital marketing space.  I have worked with Kelly on multiple projects and she always finds the win/win and out of the box idea that others do not see.  Her intuition is spot on in identifying how to reach people with authenticity and enthusiasm. And her execution always drives significant results, and many that are unexpected but wonderfully positive.  I look to Kelly as a critical voice of feedback in how I am approaching the market to learn and grow."
Amy Burford
General Manager, SmartCare, Syncross Technologies

invest in your future.

This is the sign you’ve been looking for. I know that YOU KNOW you are capable of so much more. Stop looking around you and on instagram at other women doing great things and living life on their own terms and thinking that this can’t be you. IT CAN BE. Trust me, I used to be that person for years! I settled. I played small. And now that I have changed how I see myself, I feel like I’m starting the best chapter of my life NOW!!! How amazing is that? Wouldn’t you love to earn far more than what you are now, so that you can do more for yourself, but also for others? I learned from my dear friend Amanda Tress about the statistics that show women will put more money back into their communities and churches, and this is what drives her to help women succeed as coaches in her outstanding FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. If you are hung up on “money issues” and think that it’s wrong to aim high and earn an outstanding income, or that it’s selfish– THINK AGAIN. We’ll talk in depth about a money mindset and how to manage your money successfully and ideally, to live with a spirit of GIVING BACK. Whether it’s your church or charities or family or all — there is joy to be had in doing more for others. Let’s get on that bandwagon together, shall we??

This is for you if...

  • You work in Corporate America and can’t seem to get ahead. You don’t feel that you are earning your worth, and you might find that others doing the very same work or even lesser work than you earn more than you. You are often passed over for promotions you know you deserve, and yet you feel it's inappropriate to ask for it. If you interview for other jobs, you find yourself too intimidated to ask for the salary and perks you know you deserve. As such, you find yourself unhappy at work, but to some degree trapped by your own limiting behaviors and your own opinion of what you deserve. You likely have said "I guess this is as high as I'll ever get and maybe I should just accept it's not meant to be."
  • You have just launched, or plan to launch, your own product online (eBook, Online Course, Nutrition Coaching, Fitness Coaching, Health Coaching etc.). You don’t have sales flooding your inbox and you feel like you must be “the only one who can’t make this work” -- OR you are worried that this is what will happen if you do launch a product of your own online. You have likely said "I have an awesome product/service but I'm not good at self-promotion".
  • You have joined or are thinking of joining a network marketing business (Beachbody, Rodan & Fields, Arbonne etc.) and find yourself wondering why you aren’t making the 5 or 6 figures a month (or even a year) that you read about when you first got started. You find yourself saying "I know I could be a huge success but I just don't want to be THAT pushy salesperson!"

OR IF....

  • You’re a blogger or influencer with a fantastic presence online and top notch content, yet you find yourself spending more money (on photography, props, software, networking events etc.) on your blog/social platforms/content than you are bringing in. You get offered “sponsored post” opportunities but you find that the $$$ is not near worth the effort you would put in. You know you have value and a loyal audience who listens to you, but you feel lost as to why you aren’t earning more from your blog/website/social platforms. You have ideas brewing in your head on how you could work with food brand X or apparel brand Y, yet you are overwhelmingly lost and/or intimidated on how to pitch those brands or the PR agency representing them, let alone ask for the money you feel is warranted for your time and creativity.
  • You’re a business owner who feels stuck. Perhaps you’ve had some initial success in generating sales but you have found that your revenues are staying flat, or even decreasing, while your costs are rising. Perhaps you’ve been taken advantage of by clients or vendors or employees, and you wonder why this keeps happening. You know that your company offers something no one else can, and yet, you are that best kept secret that no one seems to ask about.
  • You work as an independent contractor in a competitive field (Realtors, Dietitians, Trainers, Photographers, Website Designers, Consultants, etc.) and find yourself struggling to stand out and charge what you deserve.

Want a one-on-one with me?

The first 5 ladies who join The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty MAY 2019 group will receive a complimentary 30-Minute consultation with me. My regular consulting rate for a 30-Minute session is $250, and you’ll pay NOTHING!

After you finish this course, you'll find the way you see yourself is forever changed. The words you use to describe yourself will be completely different than they are right now.

No More: Insecure, Skeptical, Full of Fear, Discouraged, Unmotivated, Lacking Focus, Doubtful, Self-Conscious, Uncertain, Indecisive, Depressed.

The New You: Strong, Confident, Hustle-Minded, Optimistic, Opportunistic, (a) Leader, Enterprising, Determined (See what I did there? You’ll be SCHOOLED). You’ll also be empowered, daring, independent, full of clarity, unapologetically ambitious, self-reliant, driven, and always motivated to do more. You’ll be PROUD OF YOURSELF. You’ll set a fantastic example for your kids, your family, and other women. You’ll learn how to be strong-minded and tender-hearted at the same time. You’ll learn how great it feels to fully love and respect yourself. It’s life changing.


“Kelly Olexa is incredibly passionate about her clients’ businesses. She takes complete ownership of goals and objectives and has the dedication, experience, drive and creativeness to see them through to success.  Kelly doesn’t just work an opportunity, she lives it, she’s all in. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Kelly and I’ve seen very few people with the sheer will and determination to deliver results through thick and thin. If Kelly is on your side, you will win.”

Brian Balduf | CEO, VHT.com

no excuses. it's your turn. start now!

Invest in your future now and sign up for the next round of The Opposite of Nice Isn’t Nasty. If you are in the first group of 10 ladies who complete their registration, you’ll receive a complimentary 30-Minute One-on-One Consultation with me. ($250 Value). What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

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