What you can do to naturally balance your hormones.

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If you change nothing, nothing will change.

If you are reading this post, it’s likely that you have hormonal imbalance issues- or you SUSPECT that you have hormonal imbalance. I can relate to both phases- I have been working with integrative medicine doctors for 5+ years now on my hormones- and I feel very strongly that all women should pursue this– healing their bodies and balancing their hormones as if it was (almost) life or death. Because the truth is, when your hormones are out of balance, it affects everything:
  1. Sex Drive
  2. Energy
  3. Weight (usually makes you gain weight or make it impossible to lose)
  4. Skin (rashes, hives, acne, you name it)
  5. Body Temp
  6. Hair (many experience hair loss)
  7. Sleep 
There are a lot more areas but these are the most significant and they cover like HELLO our whole life!! Trust me when I tell you- getting your hormones back in line can DRAMATICALLY improve your entire life in all of these areas. You can actually LOOK FORWARD to aging– isn’t that amazing? I do. I seriously look forward to the next many decades of my life vs. looking back wistfully thinking all my best times are behind me. NOPE. 
So- here is the big key I want you all to know. You must be open to CHANGING. Changing your habits. Changing your lifestyle. Changing the way you think. Changing how you view HEALTH and even yow you view fitness. If you think you can just go to a doctor, get a prescription for one pill and magically have hormonal balance- you are dreaming. That will never happen. 
Hormonal balance is unique to each one of us. What works for ME to get my jacked hormones fixed might not work for you. And just because your cousin has Hashimoto’s and you do, it doesn’t mean that the meds or diet she’s on will work for you. 
This will require you to view your health journey as a LONG-GAME and believe me I know- that’s hard to do when you are a woman with FITNESS GOALS who wants them achieved yesterday. I get it. But – once you understand that your hormones require a lot more time and attention to heal– then you’ll realize like I did that trying to FORCE THINGS or RUSH THINGS– just doesn’t work 
Work on acceptance. Embrace change. It’ll be your best friend. 
Now let’s talk about some of my Top NEW Healthy Habits that are helping me HEAL MY BODY from the inside out. 

My Top 20 NEW Healthy Habits For Hormonal Balance.

  1. Walking. Ok this might seem so basic or you might think, how in the world does walking have anything to do with hormones? Hear me out. When I first hired my new trainer Alex- and I knew I was heading into a reverse diet phase and a time of healing vs. a time of hard core working out and dieting like I had been, I was ready to accept a different workout schedule. She eliminated cardio from my days. I am a self-professed cardio bunny y’all. But the more I learned about cortisol and adrenal fatigue and then when my new functional medicine doctor also told me to avoid any HIIT or interval training RIGHT NOW– I started to get it. She (my doc) said “the longer you work out and the HARDER you work out, the more STRESS that puts on your body. So ideally, aim for 30 minutes for your workouts and then just get your steps in!” I’d been previously aiming for 10k steps a day and after reading about Jessica Simpson losing 100lbs and doing 14K steps a day, I decided to do the same. Walking is now my go-to thing. I walk briskly but not crazy speed walking. I do a 3-mile walk outside each morning before work! It gives me fresh air and a change of scenery- all good. And I’m telling you, I really like how my legs are leaning out and getting strong with all this walking. Nice surprise.
  2. Water. Yes that thing we all hate. I hate drinking water but I’m learning how damn important it is-and as someone who suffers from migraines and headaches– dehydration is often the #1 cause. Hydration is sooooooooo important for us. DRINK YOUR WATER. I have sucked at this in the past but now I don’t let myself have my favorite (don’t judge me) Diet Mountain Dew until I’ve had like 5 Yeti Tumblers of water first. 
  3. REST. Naps. Sleep. I make resting or taking a nap a priority when my body FEELS like it needs it. This is super important to heal the body that has adrenal/cortisol issues. But too often we think we don’t have time or we won’t get x y or z done if we take a damn 20 minute nap break- THINK AGAIN. When you REST you can really rejuvenate more than you think. DO IT. And get to bed early- sleep in on the weekends. The more you can SLEEP and get quality sleep- the more your body will heal. 
  4. Meditation. We lead lives that are too damn busy. We all do. And frankly I see it now, it is that crazy too packed, too busy life that got my hormones so jacked. I make time for 10 minutes of meditation each morning (I use the CALM app) and it centers me and makes me far less reactive to stressful events. Try it. Make yourself do it- it can really change your life.
  5. Breathwork. Go listen to this interview I did with Jen Broyles on breathwork to get why I am now making this a priority on a daily basis. 
  6. Boundaries. I am learning how powerful it is to say NO more often. This can be in business or personal situations. Example: i used to accommodate all requests to record podcasts on every day of the week– I was so drained and tired I finally said ENOUGH. I’m the one paying to produce this show- I am choosing ONE day per week – and my goal is to make that one DAY PER MONTH- because I need my DOWN TIME. We all need more down time. Start identifying more areas to give yourself SPACE TO BREATHE AND LIVE!!!
  7. Eating. I am in a reverse diet– eating about 2000 calories daily. This is planned with my trainer. Next year in Q1 we’ll work on dieting. I now see that we are not supposed to be DIETING ALL THE TIME!! JUST LIKE A TIRED BODY NEEDS REST TO RECUPERATE, A CONSTANTLY DEPRIVED BODY NEEDS NOURISHMENT TO BE REVIVED. I am nourishing and FUELING MY BODY WITH REAL FOODS.
  8. Supplements. I loathe taking all the vitamins and supplements I have to take each day but I KNOW THEY WORK. Why do you think I was sooooo excited to discover Dr. Lamees Hamdan had created THE DLMD?? Liquid Gold that’s what I call it– because this liquid vitamin looks like gold when you pour it on your spoon and it tastes dreamy and I just hope in the future she can make ALL THE VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS IN THE WORLD in this form!! LOL but for now I am loving that I take my multi-vitamin each day in YUMMY LIQUID FORM. (more info on this below with a giveaway!)
  9. An exceptional doctor. This can not be stressed enough. I am now seeing Dr. Ruthie Harper (she takes telemedicine appointments!!) and I am so glad I switched to her– I was not at all pleased with the lack of progress I was getting with my last doctor so I put MY needs first and found this woman. I’ve been on her new protocol for me just 2 days now and – call me crazy- I already feel a difference. GET YOURSELF A DOCTOR- PM me if you need help.
  10. Regular Bloodwork. If you haven’t gotten your bloodwork done yet, CLICK HERE to get comprehensive bloodwork done in your area. Ulta Lab Tests are available everywhere. This is the key to your future optimized self. 
  11. Being an active collaborator with my doctor and my trainer. SPEAK UP. Push back. Fire your doctor and get a new one if you aren’t happy. This is no time to be passive. Trust me.
  12. Hiring a trainer who understands hormones and hormonal imbalance. Hiring Alex Mazzurco was the best decision ever- listen to my podcast with her by CLICKING HERE. And you can check out the Level Ten Coaching Options HERE.
  13. Getting back to a regular morning routine. I now make TIME for my morning routine. This means I make time for my morning 3-mile walk. I say my prayers and talk to God while on my walk. Then I come home and have my other cup of coffee then I do some readings and then I meditate. It sets me up for the day.
  14. Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps – I have them everywhere in our house and come sunset, this is the primary light source for us. First of all, these lamps pull toxins out of the air- and the dimmer lighting is not only sexy and flattering but – it helps our circadian rhythms by not keeping our brain awake awake awake with fake bright lights. CLICK HERE to buy my favorite lamps at Amazon.
  15. Red Light Therapy. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast where I interview the founder of MITO Red Light. That show notes blog post has the link where you can buy some for your house. Start this yesterday- it’s soooo beneficial. 
  16. No more Wonder Woman, Trying to Do EVERYTHING. I’ve learned to say NO more often. I realize my tendency is to just GO GO GO GO GO and never stop and try to do everything all at once- that leads to exhaustion. 
  17. Superfoods/Ayurveda I’m still in the early phases of this but doing a lot of research on the Ayurvedic approach to health and living and eating. CLICK HERE to listen to a great interview with the co-founder of Addictive Wellness- we talk about superfoods and CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with the founder of YouVeda, an Ayurvedic supplement company. The more superfoods I incorporate and the more all-whole-foods diet I consume the better I feel. I know it’s the way to go.
  18. Getting back to regular massages. I somehow when the virus hit got away from my weekly and often 2x a week deep tissue massage. I need the down time. And especially when I am back to training harder again, my body needs the muscle work. 
  19. Getting back to regular chiropractor visits.
  20. Getting back to weekly therapy sessions. If you haven’t seen a therapist — you don’t know what you are missing. We all need to be heard and understood and I cannot tell you how much you’ll grow and transform with a mental health focus. Most insurance will cover this– go for it.


Whatever you do- please know, if you suspect you have hormonal imbalance– your entire life can change for the better if you get them balanced- but in my opinion and experience it is close to impossible to balance and optimize them all with diet and lifestyle changes ALONE. 


As shared above– once I heard about The DL.MD– this clean multivitamin, I was ALL IN. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I hate taking so many PILLS but I also know vitamins and supplements work. You can get The DL.MD at Sephora (CLICK HERE.) The liquid format is 4x more absorbent than pills or gummies. Who knew? There are NO fillers or chemical preservatives, so you know it’s all clean and absorbable. Goodness. And the taste is very much to me like a orange “syrup”. It’s not too strong, it’s good. Do you LOVE this idea as much as me? How many supplements and vitamins do you take per day? Here’s to hoping that the future means all vitamins and supplements can be in this form because it makes me very happy. 😉 Let me know if you end up grabbing yourself some and how you like it. And heck, let’s throw in a GIVEAWAY shall we?? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and we’ll choose 2 winners to get a free bottle of The DL.MD!! Tell us in your comment what vitamins and supplements you currently take — or if you don’t take any- what questions you have about getting started. 
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5 Comments on My Top 20 New Healthy Habits For Hormonal Balance.

  1. Dear Kelly,
    Thank you so much for your advice on hormones ❤️ I got my blood work done at ultallabs and met with Dr. Tassone (so) and have my cream!
    It’s been a week! Can’t wait to feel better!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  2. Kelly, these are such awesome tips for women dealing with hormone issues! I am printing them out and plan to send them to a lot of women that I know who are also dealing with hormone issues. I am going to get my lab work done in January and in the process of looking for a female doctor who can correct my hormones.

    Thank you for caring about women’s health! 🙏🏻❤️

    • I am taking vitamins that my last doctor recommended plus workout supplements. I do take a break from them on the weekend. A liquid vitamin sounds awesome!

      I’m taking a vitamin mineral supplement, vitamin D3, vitamin K, Vitamin C, Calm Magnesium, my adaptogens for balancing cortisol and a few others.

  3. Thank you Kelly these tips are not only super helpful but easy to follow! I agree with the water and vitamins while heartedly! I hate taking pills myself. Getting to a place where you can physically feel your best is always my goal! I have to take a prescribed vitamin D supplement because my levels are always so low.

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