How to start an anti-aging skincare routine.

This post and skincare series is sponsored by my friends at SHIFFA skincare- after interviewing the founder on my podcast, I politely stalked them and asked to work together to educate women on how to achieve extraordinary skin as we get older and better. All opinions are strictly my own. 

Do you love how your skin looks? Or are you in that phase of life where you are starting to find yourself paying attention to anything that is “anti-aging” related?
If you are like me, there have been years, and probably decades where you didn’t take skincare seriously at all. Truthfully, for most of my adult life – I was a sun-worshipping freak who never EVER wore sunscreen and didn’t know the first thing about anything skincare related until I was about 36 or so. 
What is also true is that after I started at that time – investing in “real skincare” products, I noticed a difference. Fast forward to now- some 15 years later- and I can tell you this:: at age 51, I look better and feel better than I did at age 25. I wouldn’t go back to those days for anything. 
I LOVE how I look- and I have become very passionate about sharing all the amazing products (and procedures) available to us ladies to help us age magnificently. Not gracefully- that seems rather passive to me. I want to age MAGNIFICENTLY. 
Is this you? Do you want to learn how to take care of your skin so that you actually look better with each passing month and year? Do you want to learn how to address annoying skin problems like adult acne or acne scarring or sagging skin — either from age or weight loss? Are you curious about elective cosmetic procedures, but have no idea where to start? Are you past the age of 35, maybe 40+ and you are starting to notice that your face and neck and chest and skin in general just don’t look the same?? Do you wonder what to do about it? Do you worry that it’s too late or that it’s wishful thinking to look amazing as you age? 
I plan to share a lot of good stuff here in this post and in this series on skincare to follow- and I will hook you up with all you need to know.. And I will share videos and pictures of ME- now- so you can see what a real live 51 year old fabulous female looks like when she takes self-care in the form of SKINCARE seriously. I know you’ll follow suit because YOU TOO deserve to look forward to getting older- it’s a gift. No one should be dreading these years!! Oh no! We have OPTIONS, ladies – lots of options. Let’s dive in. 

Why a skincare routine is so important.

It really is important to not be RANDOM about your skincare. If you are at the point in your life, like I was right around age 48–where you notice very suddenly — “wow, my skin doesn’t look so great without makeup like it used to”– then you can’t just half-a&& your skincare. And yes, this is an area where for the most part– you get what you pay for. Don’t expect drugstore skincare to get the results you’ll get with premium skincare products with top quality ingredients backed by years of research. Invest the time to do some initial research- establish a firm skincare foundation– then build on that. But don’t just say to yourself “Well, I guess I’ll just order some moisturizer and see if that works.” Like anything in life- when you want something badly– develop a plan. Do the research. Invest the time and then invest the money, honey. You are WORTH IT. 

What I've learned is most important for a good anti-aging skincare routine.

I have learned a LOT about skincare – probably the most in the past 2-3 years. Honestly- I started learning more about skincare when I first got Botox– and I’ve found that when you connect with a top quality injector- they will definitely be all over you encouraging you to get serious about skincare. Because otherwise it’s almost like you are wasting your money on the cosmetic treatments. Don’t do that!! I love my Botox and fillers and the way I explain the DIFFERENCE- is that skincare- it addresses the TEXTURE and GLOW and RADIANCE of the skin– while the procedures like Botox and fillers and threads, they take care of GRAVITY for the most part. They are like the internal support systems; the trusses that hold up a roof. They create the appealing structure of the face and the skincare gives you that pretty look and FEEL. The glooowwww baby. The glow. In my opinion the combo of the two is unbeatable.  (P.S. Go listen to this podcast CLICK HERE where I interview my injector Shakira about Botox and fillers– we’ll have her back on the show soon!)

Some of my favorite anti-aging products

For this skincare series — I have partnered with SHIFFA Luxury Skincare. They have sent me their products and I have started using them and GIRRRRRLLLLL let me tell you, I am BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the products– the packaging, the ingredients, and the results. You’ll hear all my opinions on all the products and we’ll have some giveaways in each post so be sure to leave a comment to be entered to win!! I’ve been most impressed with the SHIFFA line– I originally found them when I was doing some research on jade rollers and gua sha (fascial release) for the face. And after I interviewed the founder on the podcast (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THAT INTERVIEW) I knew that this was some seriously sensational skincare. (hello look at the founder who looks like she is 25!) 
So– since we are doing a whole SERIES on skincare tips and tricks, treatments and best practices, each post will build on the last one. In other words, in this first post, I’ll share with you what I consider to be – in the SHIFFA line – the foundational products- for a solid anti-aging skincare routine. The #1 question I get from women is “I want to start a skincare routine but I don’t know what products to buy, there are too many choices!”– don’t worry girl, I got your back. Today we’ll start with the basics ok? 

The Basic Foundations of a Solid Skincare Routine. AND A GIVEAWAY!!

So for those of you just getting started with an anti-aging skincare routine– let’s get one thing straight. You don’t want to focus on QUANTITY but you do want to focus on QUALITY. And for those of you who have never invested in quality skincare- trust me, just like buying “gold-plated” jewelry– you’ll end up throwing away more and buying new stuff when you only buy the cheap stuff because– it won’t deliver the results you want. TRUST ME. Don’t waste your time and money! And further– IMPORTANT– read this: when you buy the cheap stuff- so much of it has bad ingredients in it- many of them toxic– you could end up with WORSE skin problems or breakouts– and you could damage your hormones. YES queens I’m not lying: what you put on your skin (which is your largest organ)- will enter your bloodstream so crappy non-pure ingredients mean you are ingesting crappy non-pure ingredients in your BODY. Ain’t nobody got time for that. 
Basic skincare means that every night you WASH YOUR FACE. If you wear makeup (gosh I hope you do), do not equate removing your makeup with washing your face. In fact I know Dr. Lamees brought up in our podcast how ideally we should wash our face 2-3x! And before you go and say “I don’t have time!!”- please sister…..I have a very robust skincare routine at night and in the morning and it takes probably 3 minutes in the morning and about 5-7 at night. You deserve this time. 
So– what I do is I remove my eye makeup first. Some people use makeup remover wipes and I have used the Neutrogena wipes for sure in the past. Right now I am using Lancome eye makeup remover. After I remove my eye makeup, I then wash my face to get the rest of the makeup off and begin the cleaning process. I started using the SHIFFA Aromatic Facial Cleanser and am digging it- it has a very fresh and subtle scent. And — I wash my face AND NECK- front and back. Then I dry my face. Then I wash it again and repeat. Trust me it doesn’t take that long. Next up– I do a toner: the SHIFFA Balancing Facial Toner. I really have missed using a toner and now that I’m adding this step back in, it just FEELS so good on my skin!!! Then I pat my skin dry and – for PM– I add a night specific moisturizer. This SHIFFA Rose Maroc Night Elixir is a dream. Ladies, when I opened up this product and pumped some out on my hand I about died. It’s like liquid gold. It’s sooooo luxurious and smooth and heavenly and most important– because I’d describe it as more of an oil or serum texture– I thought it might be greasy or make my pillow stained. No– this sinks into your skin or is absorbed perfectly. It’s heaven. I apply this to my face- and to my neck and to my chest area. My neck and chest area are two areas I neglected most of my life and as such I have major sun damage and some melasma on my neck. This is a top priority for me in the future to address- and that will require some skin treatments/elective procedures. Stay tuned and make sure you are subscribed here because I’ll share in depth reviews of all the procedures I do – what they cost on average, how they feel, what my results are etc. Sound good? But- in the meantime, be sure you start treating your neck and chest with product. 
For now- let’s leave that as the FOUNDATIONAL night time skin-care routine. That’s the basics you should start with- removing your makeup, then cleansing, then toner then moisturizer. You could add an eye cream as well to round out the basics. SHIFFA eye cream is something I add in the evening and the morning. I put below my eyes, on my eyelids and above my brows. 
When you get up in the morning, it’s a good idea to do a quick wash of the face again- no need for 3x just one. Then, for basics, add moisturizer and eye cream. I started using the SHIFFA White Tea Moisturizer and was pleased how light and easy to apply it was. It’s not overly thick and slippery like some other moisturizers I’ve used in the past. Easy under makeup- and it absorbs so well. Sometimes with a bad moisturizer — your makeup won’t go on well. This is a very nice moisturizer. 
That’s honestly- for those just getting started- a very solid foundational anti-aging skincare routine. Biggest tips to remember: wash the face 3x, makeup remover is not washing the face, and put product on your neck and chest too. 
Next week I’ll start talking about some more TREATMENT products and options- to address more specific aging concerns. What questions do you have on an every day/evening skincare routine? Let me know in the comments below what questions you have about skincare- what skin concerns you are dealing with (adult acne, rashes, hives, wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin etc.) — and what is your current skincare routine?
BONUS!! Each comment means you are entered in a GIVEAWAY!! On Thursday October 22, 2020, we will randomly select 2 winners who will receive a customized package of product from SHIFFA for their needs – valued at over $200!!! Be sure to comment!! and on top of that SHIFFA is giving fans of The Kelly O Show 20% off for a limited time! BAM! Use code KELLYO20 for 20% off a! YOU ARE WELCOME- STOCK UP NOW! Great Christmas gift ideas right??

How I plan to level-up my skincare game.

So here’s the deal. Right now at age 51, I feel pretty amazing about my skin and face- that’s due to investing in top quality skincare and also getting some elective cosmetic procedures done (this week I’m getting threaded! Stay tuned for a blog post and video about that!). As I mentioned above – I do notice that my neck and my chest area need MAJOR skincare help. I plan to have Dr. Lamees back on the show to talk about specific skin problems and how to address them– and I’m also making changes in my diet- what I eat- so that I’m pouring more nutrition into my body to heal from the inside out. I have a LOT of best selling authors and experts in these areas coming on the show- so we are going to learn all there is to know about proactive skincare and the best cosmetic procedures out there to help us age magnificently. 😉 Are you down? So- in summary- I want to focus my skincare on my neck and chest more and get a bit more consistent with my morning skincare routine. Sometimes I’ll admit I get up- go for my walk, come back, shower and then start putting my makeup on before I’ve done skincare. I need to change that. I’ve witnessed the power of consistent top quality skincare– it changes you!! 
So tell me -where are you with your skincare? Are you just getting started? Or have you been doing SOME skincare but it’s time to level up and invest in better quality products? Do tell. And stay tuned: this skincare and anti-aging series is going to open your eyes in more ways than one! Let’s get beautified!! 
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15 Comments on How to Practice Self-Care With Better SKINCARE.

  1. What products are the most important for the woman over 50 (loss of elasticity ) for a simple routine morning and night?

  2. At 48 nearing 49 I’m currently constantly working on eyes chest and neck. Sadly my chest and neck need work due to sun damage. I’m getting an early start on the eyes. I’m also always desperately wishing I didn’t inherit my mother’s marionette lines.

  3. Hi Kelly!
    I have been using the skin care line from DoTerra and it has been nice but I still get hormonal cystic acne along my jaw line.

    I am halfway through this set so winning this Shiffa line of facial products would be so exciting! I will also check out their web site to look at the products that you mentioned and the 20% off sounds great! Thanks!

  4. Your skin looks amazing! I want to change my skin care routine and the Shiffa products sound great! Have you ever tried using Guasha massage therapy on your skin and if so, do you recommend it?

  5. I am just starting to notice the effects of aging and definitely want to start learning more about anti-aging products and developing a routine. I do use a “brightening eye balm” from Tula that makes it look like
    You got 8 hours of sleep even if it was 2 and I love it! But ready for a more robust regimen.

    • Do you feel that you have undereye “circles”? Just curious I see a lot of women complain about that. I’ve had more smile lines/crow feet around my eyes vs. under eye issues– thank God for skincare. 😉 You’ll love this stuff!!

  6. I’ve heard this is the best skincare line and I would love to try it. I have oily skin and I haven’t had any luck in finding a good product so far

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