Saturday Reflections on Horror Road Trip. #fiestamovement

Ok. Welcome to my road trip nightmare. And - LET ME POINT OUT- the nightmare was NOT in any way because of Cupcake Fiesta. Nope. It was myriad factors which made this trip - there and back- truly a horror story LOL. 

I've had Cupcake for what, close to 2 months, not quite. And I feel much more comfortable driving her now - and when I say comfortable, I'm talking about the stick shift aspect. People, when you haven't driven stick shift in 15+ years, and you are used to multi-tasking even in your car, driving stick is a huge HUGE adjustment. And I've always been a bit of a wimp, worried about car accidents and such. So, you add all those factors to ME driving Cupcake to NYC - ALL ALONE without my wingman Miranda....well suffice it to say I was nervous going in to this trip. But I knew God would watch over me. I just had no idea that the topography of this country and the weather would work against me.

Above is a picture (not mine) of some typical views of PA route 80, which I was on for most of the 2nd day of driving. People, you need to understand something. Curves like this- with deep drops off the side of the road - like a huge cliff- combined with huge downhill slides that feel like you are on a roller coaster; this is the stuff of NIGHTMARES for me. And then- I'm dealing with this nightmare ALONE and THEN I'm dealing with this nightmare ALONE and kind of nervous about how to deal with stick shift on big curves with scary cliffs and yi yi. I was white knuckle driving THE ENTIRE DAY.

Its funny because I got to NYC and was seriously trying to find someone to drive back with me or a way I could ship Cupcake back. I was that scared. But then when I got on the road that morning....perhaps going through the experience there was my initiation into tough school but on the way back, I handled PA like a pro. There were a few...maybe just a few times where some harsh curves combined with bad cliff dropoffs scared me, but I was much more prepared. I got to Cleveland in no time. So it was baptism by fire right but it worked. I feel SO MUCH MORE comfortable driving Cupcake now! 

The 2nd day back from Cleveland to Chicago....well, I was expecting a Cupcake walk. NOT! Talk about thunderstorms. The kind of driving where you can barely see the car in front of you....yeaaa I had that for about 2 hours in the morning. Then it cleared up and was awesome. Then. I get over the Chicago Skyway. SLAM DUNK INTO BUMPER TO BUMPER NOT MOVING TRAFFIC in Chicago- underneath a storm from HELL. So I get off the freeway and slam dunk into Downtown Chicago. Mistake. Bumper to Bumper, pouring down rain and flooded streets. All the way home. All downtown. All the way down Irving Park Road. At O'Hare, lanes closed for flooding, airport backups, 294 Detour...Higgins Road worse than ever with potholes the size of TEXAS.....HUGE HUGE HUGE UNEXPECTED flooding on streets and Cupcake was like WTH OLEXA I'M A CAR NOT AN OLYMPIC SWIMMER!! Not pretty. I was so hungry, had to pee, and was more pissed off than I have ever been in a WHILE. OMG really. More swear words happened in that car than I'm allowed for a YEAR. 

All that said, I finally got home 2.5 hours later than expected. Got unpacked. Went to bed early. And although this trip was a nightmare, Cupcake Fiesta ROCKED. Here is what is awesome about her:

  • Auto-Detect Windshield Wipers; I cannot tell you how HUGE this is. When the rain was going from a drizzle to a downpour, the auto-detect wipers allowed me to focus on the road and be safe.
  • Blinker with 3 Blinks only; you tap on the blinker and it goes off three times so you can change lanes and not worry about the blinker staying on forever. 
  • GAS MILEAGE: Hello. This car NEVER NEEDS GAS. I think I only fueled up 1x each trip. 40mpg is amazing. 
  • SEATS: people these seats are comfortable. I kid you not; never did I feel my back or butt hurting after driving for 7 hours at a time. Amazing. 

As crazy as the trip and weather and country was, I really do feel 200% more confident about driving Cupcake and she was incredible. I on the other hand was needing medication LOL. 

Ford Fiesta. You Rock. 

How to NOT Get Lost Using Microsoft Virtual Earth. Indeed.

Have you all figured out that on this first Cupcake Fiesta Road Trip~ our first official mission~ we got STUCK in East St. Louis, crime capital of the WORLD (it seems) at midnight. Why? Well, I had used, as I always do, Microsoft Virtual Earth to map out the whole trip right? The thing is, we had 2 potential hotels so I had only mapped out how to get to St. Louis in general. Thus, when we crossed the state line around 10:30pm, I called our hotel. Asked for directions. BIG MISTAKE. Clearly they thought we were locals. They didn't realize that Cupcake Fiesta is a celebrity and not to be taken lightly, or taken into the horrifying walls of crime. 

Because of the moronic advice given to us by a human that perhaps was under the influence of illegal drugs, we ended up scared, hungry and almost out of gas in the area where even gangstas don't go. For real. 

Thank you again God for watching over me, Miranda and Cupcake. And we'll never stray from Microsoft Virtual Earth again. Cupcake Fiesta loves NOT being lost. Indeed. 

Oh Dear. More Road Trip Fun. #fiestamovement

Kids, here's some more footage from Cupcake Fiesta's First Road Trip. Oh Dear. After crossing 6 state lines in one day and clocking over 1200 miles (on only $50 worth of gas!!! Talk about gas mileage people!), things got a little nutty. Enjoy the wrap up. Suffice it to say, the midwest saw a bunch of Fiesta Frolic Time. 

Biker Boys Dig Cupcake Fiesta.

Meet our new Biker Friends in Bloomington IL. We met at the BP Gas Station and the rest is history. Really Special Times. Hehehe. They offered 10 of their bikes for Cupcake but I said NO. We opted for a photo shoot instead. Indeed. ;-)~

Check out the strength in numbers below.