Time Flies.


Where did the last 4 days go? has been a blur since leaving Portland on Sunday. I need to find a way to place a buffer of time where I can figure out what city I am in and what day/month it is.....I shot this vlog yesterday absolutely thinking it was WEDNESDAY which is today. #cluephoneisringingandnooneisanswering

Anyway-- It's the holiday weekend and I am so happy. Happy that I may actually not travel for a couple weeks in a row, although slightly bummed, I was planning to hit Miami next week but-- an event popped up downtown Chicago on Tuesday, and then......drumroll please, Miss Amy has invited me to join her to see Tony Robbins in a big-deal appearance seminar in Chicago the weekend of July 19th. It's on. Funny- I told Amy last night that if she would have asked me to attend something like this 3 years ago I would have rolled my eyes and made up some excuse as to why I'm too busy for it. Why?? Because back then I had a different view of my abilities, my future, my potential. I was still staying close to that traditional comfort zone where basically a whole lot of NOTHING happens.  

I've had enough of THAT. Fast forward to now and BAM. Snap Crackle Pop! I've founded a company that has exploded and is going global this year. WHAT?? Right. And I've lost 20lbs this year! SNAP! On my next 10lbs and doing things I have never done before.....and almost unable to keep from squealing all the time.  

(Side note-- I have NO idea what happened to the background of this video-- YouTube said it needed to fix the shakiness and instead it appears they added a roller coaster aspect to it. Enjoy.) So anyway-- lots of stuff to look forward to this year. Amy is convincing me to also do the Vegas Rock n Run 1/2 Marathon in November. Y'all know I am not that runner that wants to do 5ks and 1/2 Maratahons and Marathons all the time, NOT my thing. Just not my preference...but there is something in me that wants to accomplish a 1/2 TO DO IT. To do yet another thing I thought I could not do. Are you in? 

I am still also ABSOLUTELY in love with the Ultimate Yogi experience. I am so freaking glad that I found this and bought it. Michelle has it now too and just did the first two DVDS. People-- I did the Yoga Cardio DVD on Tuesday and I could not believe what a lovely slow build sweatfest that was. NO cardio before-- as I normally would do to "get the sweat flowing"-- I ONLY did the DVD and that flow that he's designed was just awesome. By the end I was just spent. So-- now that I am back home, I will "officially" start my 108 day commitment on Sunday. I'll do the program as he has designed it and share with you my feedback. This, plus my regular yoga time with Mr. Epic, Corey, here in Chicago (stay tuned for some awesome FitFluential events we are doing there at Tri Balance Studio this summer!! You must attend if you are in the area...!!)

So, does all this yoga change my overall training approach-- no it is adding to it and balancing out everything else I do. And yet, what I get from yoga and now from studying it, is so much more. And it certainly does so much for your mind and your sould and your inner spirit in addition to changing your body in every way.  


You know that saying, "You are a reflection of the people you hang out with..."-- there are myriad versions of this but you get the idea. If you hang out with a bunch of downer, negative people that whine and complain about everything-- you will become that way. If you surround yourself with positive motivating inspiring, grounded people---your life will change. And you can help one another....I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing people that have contributed to my peace of mind, my attitude, my inner and outer growth......when you have that, all of the adversity that life presents to you-- well it has much less of an effect on your inner peace. You shake it off and leave it behind without a second thought because-- it's not GOOD. It weighs you down and you have so much GOOD to do and to share, why limit yourself, why weigh yourself down with anything that is wrong, that is toxic, that is dishonest and just negative in every way?  


I look at things differently now. I react to things differently. Things affect me differently. And it's VERY GOOD. Which is why my future is LOOKING MORE EPIC BY THE MINUTE. Because of how I choose to live. Because of how I choose to ACCEPT what happens. Because of how I take responsibility for my thoughts, my actions. It's amazing what happens when you change your mind-- the whole world becomes POSSIBILITY versus the future being something to worry about or fear--- instead you run toward it, you get excited each day that you wake up because it's another day of outrageous massive potential.  


So......I think you can sense how I'm feeling. It's all GOOD.  

Now-- in addition to my yoga, I will continue my daily cardio because, it works for me. I enjoy it a TON-- running and also my DVDs like Turbo Fire, Les Mills Combat, Cathe anything and Bodystrikes. ;-) And it's really time to amp up my weight training-- new trainer and then working with Jay down in Boca. (he is the BEST!!!). Being sick so much in April/May/June really had me off a normal gym-track but I need it bad! Planning on 4 days of weights each week. Cardio and Yoga daily. And yes, allowing myself to throw in a day off when it's right. I'm flexible. ;-) 

Are you on a new training progam this summer? How do you feel about being 1/2 way through this year?? Do you feel on track with your goals? guess's not too late to start. JUST START. And then.....don't stop. Remember, the only way you FAIL is to QUIT. Quitters never win and winners never quit.