Evolve and Grow. Do Epic.


Happy Friday Kittens!! So sorry this photo is a bit blurry. It was impromptu after Yoga this morning and I just had this moment of .....whoa. I am wearing these yoga SHORTS and feeling GOOD in them. And I kept looking at my legs in the workout and in stretches seeing the definition and feeling my strength and flexibility growing....and I was just plain AMPED. I am so proud of how far I've come this year and --- furthermore, so proud that even in the midst of like, what, 2 months of seemingly non-stop illness from getting SICK in February, to strep throat, to sickness right AFTER the strep throat to walking pneumonia to tonsillitis.....then all the emergency dental work in the midst of all of this......MADNESS!! LOL

But it's all good. It is all settling now and behind me. And I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FUTURE! SOOOOOOOOOOO PSYCHED. So grateful for progress, and health and so grateful for the lessons in life, so grateful for my ability to learn from them and to EVOLVE AND GROW. This is my new mantra.  


I've had a lot of my close inner circle peeps and yoga mentors tell me that I need meditation but I've never done it because....why.....because I thought "I can't do that, I can't quiet my mind that long...." 

NO MORE "I CAN'T". Remember? 

So, as you know, I bought the Ultimate Yogi DVD set, and am obsessed with it. I put in the meditation DVD the other night-- as I really needed to quiet my mind this week. And - as usual-sometimes the messages that we NEED to hear will find us, whether it is a book we read, a friend saying something, a song, a movie-- sometimes it's just timing to HEAR words that speak to us and hit us right where we ARE. And then it's like a wave washing over you of awareness and clarity. It's good.  

"The things that I think.....lead to what I become" #truth. And then he said something about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And that is the answer to NOT letting things destroy you. When you react to stress and to others that deceive you, hurt you, betray you or try to impede your progress or just add toxicity to your life, THINK OF THEM and love them unconditionally. HARDER than we think yes but then it becomes easy because when you practive love and forgiveness and letting go of stress and anxiety and worry-- you doooooo open the doors for EVOLUTION. FOR GROWTH. FOR ABUNDANT BLESSING.  

Trust me. I've been through MADNESS the past 5 years many of you know this, and I firmly believe I am here now and doing great things because I chose to LEARN. I chose to check myself and find out how I can become better. I became a humble teachable person. I know that I am a garden that is NEVER FINISHED.  

Yea, I'm sounding very peace love and hippie but DEAL WITH IT. We all need this in our lives and it works and-- of course it helps your PHYSICAL PROGRESS. My body is changing and doing things I couldn't do in my twenties. I am loving every moment.  


And now I must run to an appointment. I leave for Portland OR on Monday-- excited for a great week and to see so many friends at the Fitbloggin conference. Are you going?  

And in the mean time, here are some random new things I am LOVING and obsessing over.....will shoot a vlog tomorrow. ;-)  

Reebok ONE Shoe

Reebok ONE Shoe

Um. Yes. Hello neon fun color from Reebok--- this is the new Reebok ONE training shoe for the neutral runner- NOT over-pronator. Here's a video review: CLICK HERE.

I have not trained in them yet but stay tuned for my feedback.  


Have not yet used my Pear Sports app but Amy is obsessed with how it trains you on your runs. Stay tuned for when I finally use it this week in Portland. ;-) 


This has me written all over it. And I plan to. ;-) 

DISCLOSURE: Both Reebok and Pear Sports are clients of my company, FitFluential. I was provided with these products at no cost. All opinions are my own.  I bought the Ultimate Yogi DVD set on my own, and I do use affiliate links when promoting the website.