Fitting in Fitness, On the Road.


Yea. That's me yesterday after my in-hotel workout in NYC. #brought

Happy Thursday Everyone! —if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that traveling for business is a big part of what I do. I’ve been doing so for 12+ years and have been able to develop a good routine for packing/preparing before my trips, and for fitting in fitness while I’m on the road.

A lot of you have been writing to me asking how I do it, how I eat on the road, how I workout in the midst of a crazy schedule, how I find the time. It’s not easy. Ok—I am not telling you that this is no big deal – it is without a doubt, a solid amount of time and focus  to get to a place where this all becomes habit, but it’s worth it. If you travel for business a lot, you can either become one of those stereotypical beat-down tired road warriors hanging out in the cocktail lounge til 2am….or you can become that stellar example of a high energy, active road warrior that makes the most out of being on the go.

Yea. Let’s give new meaning to that phrase “Road Warrior” shall we?

Once you get going with this, I think you’ll end up enjoying it like me. It can become a bit of a fun game- something that, let’s face it, gives you bragging rights, as you take control and feel GREAT (and look great too) on the road vs. feeling run-down and run-over.

My company, FitFluential is working with National Car Rental to bring you all some incredible Healthy Business Travel Tips (and hello, all of these apply for when you are traveling for vacation as well!!) - #HealthyBizTravel is the hashtag we will be using and I will be sharing tips and ideas as well as a number of our FitFluential Ambassadors. Tune in as we show you how to fit in fitness on the road- #NoExcuses!

I shot a very simple video below that showcases some simple, no-equipment moves that you can do virtually anywhere. I’ve been known to use some delay time at the airport to squeeze in some moves (when I’m wearing casual pants not a skirt LOL!) like this---especially if my flight looks like I will arrive much later than anticipated and I might not get in that evening workout. Take a peek – and remember, doing several moves like this in a mini-circuit can totally get your heart pumping and the sweat flowing, you’ll notice I got a bit out of breath just shooting the demo moves!! But—if you are thinking “Oh I don’t want to do this in the gate area and get on the plane all sweaty and gross!!”—think again. You don’t have to do all of them, you don’t have to go as fast. The key is to fit in SOMETHING. Do some at the gate and some in your room—split it up if you’d like but just know that you can keep your muscles active and your energy up. Don’t spend time drinking at the gate bar! Don’t order a pizza—get yourself a bottled water and MOVE!

I’m going to post another #HealthyBizTravel post sponsored by National Car Rental in a week or so. Stay tuned and I’m curious—what are your healthy tips for Road Warriors—how do you stay focused and fit in fitness on the road??