Every little bit counts.


Happy Sunday people!! Did you get your workout on yet? Above is yet another dorky picture of myself, taken in Kelly's bathroom in Miami. One of my FitFluential Manbassadors, Jeremy Scott, and I have this ongoing contest where we see who can do the best HULK pose- see below.


Anyway, people, these are the dorky things we fitness freaks do with our friends to make it fun. I firmly believe the more you make your fitness journey/diet/workout plan FUN the more you will do it, the more you will push, vs. dreading it and thinking "Ugh. I have to go do some cardio" as if you were about to go stick toothpicks under your fingernails.

Anyway, so that picture at the top I took because I was getting ready for my Jeremy Hulk shot of the moment and - maybe it was good lighting but I was like DANG! GIRL YOUR DELTS AND UPPER BOD ARE GETTING NICE!!

And the point (yes I have a point! Can you believe it???) is that EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS. Get it in your head that ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE JUST BEGINNING or if you, like me, are just GETTING REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT RE-FOCUS, RE-COMMITMENT, AND STICKING TO A NEW PLAN--  prepare yourself that YOU WILL NOT SEE THE CHANGES YOU WANT AS FAST AS YOU WANT. PERIOD.

Expect that. Brace for it. Brace for the scale to NOT say what you want. Brace for the first time trying on your fav skinny jeans or whatever that they won't be falling off you. INEVITABLY THEY WILL. But---- if you can brace your MIND for the fact that you will work for a while before you might SEE results on yourself and before OTHERS WILL-- that will make it easier for you to stay the course.


THIS is what I forced myself to focus on the first month of this year especially. I did NOT like what I read on the scale. I DID not like that a week (yes, I was pissed off a week in) after I started I hadn't lost a lot of weight and my clothes weren't more loose. So I forced myself to remember that ---- all the training I was doing and all the eating right I was doing WAS NOT WORKING AGAINST ME. I was not doing BAD THINGS to my body. It was just a matter of when MY body was going to react and show results. I had to stay the course. I focused on how much heavier I could go with my weights each time. And I GO HEAVIER EACH TIME or more reps or an extra set. I focused on just enjoying the cardio I had -- all the fun new DVDS that honestly make cardio fun (but full disclosure-- I LOVE cardio in addition to loving weights and loving yoga. I just like working out seriously).


Another thing I stopped doing is immediately DOUBTING MY ABILITY whenever I was presented with something new. In the past, I would look at a photo like this and say "OMG I could never do that." or I'd be in yoga class and see something like this and say "NO FREAKING WAY I will EVER DO THAT" 


Well guess what?? Lucky for me I have amazing people in my life that are talented and certified and have taken the time to learn/study and they show me how to work up to this. Kelly showed me how to use the block at home to practice into crow pose. And who ever thought I'd go from standing into a backbend? I DIDN'T but Kelly showed me I could. I no longer doubt what I can do. I CAN.

Know that this will take time. Trust the process. Commit to not giving up because that really is the ONLY WAY TO FAIL. And the reason I haven't had success like I'm having NOW in the past 2-3 years? I kept quitting. Yea, I kept going back to it in some form but realistically I was always at 50% of what I'm doing now and maybe 70% of what I did in previous years.

Don't KID YOURSELF and be that person that goes to a Super Bowl party and chows down on wings and all those amazing dips and breads and pizza and 90 beers and then says "I'll do some extra cardio this week. I'll run an extra 10 minutes". Let me tell you something people. Get yourself a good heart rate monitor and it will teach you how you can bust a** for 10 minutes and be breathing heavy with your heart rate at 150 or 160 or more-- and you could burn 20 calories. Yea. 10 minutes can often be a 20 calorie burn. You pig out like I stated above?? Easily can be 1000-2000 calories. ONE order of boneless wings at Chili's (which I LOVE) is 1300 calories. A dozen Krispy Kremes is 2400 calories. Don't tell me you haven't had a pigout somewhere near that. I could EASILY put away Chili's boneless wings and a burger and some fries (maybe not the whole thing) and a margarita-- WAKE UP KIDS that would be 2500-3000 calories. To "do a little extra cardio" to burn that pigout off-- knowing how I burn-- I would have to do an additional TEN TURBO FIRE WORKOUTS. That's right, an extra TEN in addition to what I already do just to justify that pigout. And most people don't just pigout ONE day a week there are 15 little pigouts like having a piece of birthday cake at the office-- and one happy hour with 3-4 beers or 2 glasses of wine and bar food. And then some extra Starbucks. Yup-- a casual week like that and you've added another 1500-2000 calories.


MAKE THE COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF. To go for what you want and to believe you can do it. And then DO NOT STOP. Expect disappointment. Expect frustration. Nothing worth having is easily achieved. DO THE WORK. You'll be SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOURSELF YOU'LL LOVE IT. And it's addicting. ;-)

Have a great Sunday. Kick some a** would ya?? ;-)  The shirt I have on in the video above can be found on REEBOK by CLICKING HERE. Get you some. And the new bootcut pants that you can't see I have on are THESE BAD BOYS. Quite delicious. I have become so spoiled with nice workout clothes and shoes now. Hey -- I'd rather have THAT be my motivation than cookies right? ;-)~

For some blasted reason the below video is not appearing on my blog post where I want it. It's Jeremy's video from his site where he is bringing his bada** self. Enjoy it. And get off the couch.