Give it all you've got.


This blog post is going to be rather simple. Hmmm. Do you think I can do it? I will. Because I'm heading to the gym any second. It's either Leg Day or Shoulder day, I haven't decided yet. Either way I'm RUNNING when I'm done because I really want to RUN.

Now. The title of today's post is GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT. And that means- you want results?? GIVE IT ALL THAT YOU HAVE IN YOU. Make every second of every workout COUNT. You don't build muscle using weight that doesn't challenge you and make you make funny grimaces while you move it. You don't burn fat and get buff by jogging real easy-like instead of getting faster and going longer each time and adding sprints and intervals.

Do you wanna leave the gym and say "Wow. That so worth it. I did the bare minimum. I hardly broke a sweat. Maybe I'll get some donuts on the way home and watch Biggest Loser."


PUSH. AND THEN PUSH HARDER. Why not see what you are capable of instead of settling for mediocre and "ohh I'm sure I can't do THAT".


STOP underestimating and doubting yourself. Think you can't "DIET"? BULL. Think you can't lift MORE or run longer or faster? How do you know? Why waste the time getting a gym membership or buying fitness DVDS or equipment if you aren't going to CRUSH IT and make everyone be inspired and amazed by you?

Life is too short to not taste what it's like to WOW YOURSELF. You can do so much more with your life than you think. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND OWN IT.