What's Different.


Happy Friday people!! Are you freaking out that you are getting two blog posts in one day? Good grief I've been such a bad blogger lately- so inconsistent, it's a wonder I have any readers left! LOL but I think this year --- because I am putting things in place in my life (like at least one getaway trip per quarter for mental sanity!!), everything will be different.

You shall see right? ;-)


Salmon. Sashimi. YUM. It's a good thing I like it because OMG I have been eating a lot of of fish lately, especially this week. Michael has put me on some extreme test of character diet alteration for one week that consists of mostly FISH FISH FISH FISH FISH. Seriously I told him the other night I think I'm starting to smell like fish. More details on what this week has been like later-- I'm doing one week of this experiment, partially because I think that Michael enjoys watching me squirm and wince and say "When am I having my next cheeseburger?" LOL


I think I have mentioned previously that I was sent some of Designer Whey's Protein 2Go drink mix.....I used it on my NYC trip and kind of became OBSESSED with it. So each packet as you can see is 50 calories and 10g of protein. And you mix with water and it's kind of fizzy/juicy tasting vs. a protein shake taste. I AM IN LOVE. So easy. So great tasting and flavored with Stevia for those of you that appreciate that. This is a nice segue into the title of my blog post- "What's Different"-- but now, I make sure when I'm on the road or even not traveling, to plan for a mini-meal or meals on the go and I am ADDICTED to this stuff. I just love the flavors, the taste, it mixes well, it isn't another PROTEIN SHAKE- it's like mix up your day you know-- having something more like FIZZY JUICE, I don't know. I really like it.

So-- a TON of you have been writing asking what I'm doing different or what's changed etc. After all, I've changed my body more from even January 1 to now-- in 2 months, than I did all last year and the past 2 years. YES much of it is from specific things like a diet plan that is right for your body/age/goals-- and a workout plan that is balanced and that you stick to (as well as the diet) --- but honestly, I think that the biggest change has been in my MIND. You've heard me talking about in my vlogs lately-- rambling on about all the bad habits I've recognized in myself and now am changing....I truly believe that this is why I am now succeeding so much. THAT'S NOT IT ALONE. The accountability of blogging and being active in social media- that's huge. Having Michael as my in-life coach and nagger I mean gentle reminder- that's huge. STICKING TO YOUR DIET AND WORKOUT PLAN = that's huge. But if your MIND Is in the wrong place, your attitude won't propel you forward. 

If you haven't prepped your mind to anticipate your own internal objections ("I don't feel like it....") and the objections/doubts/skepticism of others (Oh come ON, you have worked out enough!" or "Oh come on, one cookie won't hurt!") - -- you might not succeed.

What's different? I'd say for today's post I will focus most heavily on that-- getting your mind in the right place. Analyzing yourself and seeing yourself and your bad habits for what they really are. NOT making excuses. Being willing to see where you are NOW and that your results won't happen overnight or in two weeks and that you have NO IDEA OF KNOWING WHEN YOU WILL START TO LIKE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR. When you are strong in your mind-- all the rest will follow. When you are weak, you are screwed.


You have to make the commitment in your head to START. And not quit. I'm going to make this a series over the next few weeks and divide up all the little sub-categories of what I have done-- as far as behavioral change-- and share with you on this "What's Different" theme. Sound good? Below is Part THREE of the Home Workout DVDs tour that you had all asked for (part one and two are in my previous post CLICK HERE.)