Focus on what you CAN control.


Hey All. I'd normally say Happy Wednesday but today, Wednesday sucks a bit. Why? I'm supposed to be on the beach right now. Where am I? Home in bed. Sick. #$@(@%@(#*%% had to cancel my flight at 5am this morning because I was up all night with this horrific sore throat. Not only did I know it would not be wise to travel with this condition, but I also knew that it would be really rude to show up at my friends' houses and be potentially contagious.

Yes. You may feel sorry for me.

That said, in all seriousness, I will just go later. I have a nice window of time before The Arnold, and I am not staying at hotels so it's easy for me to just change my flight. Am I happy about being sick? NO. But -- I've learned-- probably one of the best lessons I've learned as an adult --is to recognize that over which you have no control. It makes it a LOT easier to get through life when you LET GO OF OBSESSING OVER THINGS you cannot control. I've spent WAY TOO MUCH OF MY LIFE obsessing over things that I had no control over and guess what-- 90% of the time, what I was worrying about and obsessing about-- NEVER HAPPENED. 


People - call me a Self-Help Book Wannabe but really-- LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. Too many people live in denial or refuse to look hard at themselves and see what behaviors they need to change. You can change everything but-- to do so, you have to CHANGE something. Not always fun to realize, as you learn lessons in life-- that you've wasted time maybe. But trust me when I say this, the you embrace the concept of objectively looking at yourself and seeing where you need to change and then CHANGING THAT-- and being humble enough to admit your faults, issues, problems, fears, doubts, insecurities, whatever-- YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Trust me. This can be applied to work, to relationships, to fitness, to anything. Stop being so proud and thinking you have nothing to work on. WE ALL DO. Get over yourself. 


What are the biggest lessons I'm learning? THE ONES ABOUT MYSELF-- what's in MY HEAD that impedes my progress in my fitness journey, my work, my company, my past jobs, my relationships, etc. It is so freeing to figure that stuff out and then to CHANGE. Now that I have my mind open and am able to recognize how often I would find a reason to quit-- a workout DVD series or a style of workouts or a training plan-- now that I have seen it in myself, put a name on it-- NOW when that happens, my mind has become trained to TRAMPLE THAT BIOTCH. That's right. When I want to quit, I realize that's my mind not my body. And I remember how much a** I am kicking. And then, I keep going.

I babbled on about this habit in the above vlog. Please enjoy while you fall asleep. ;-) But really people-- change your mind.


I don't compare myself with other people anymore. If I'm at the gym and I am running on the treadmill and 6mph is a great pace for me, I'm not gonna give up if someone gets on next to me at 10mph. That's THEIR run. If someone lifts 10lbs heavier than me who cares? I get stronger each workout and go heavier than the last time, THAT'S WHAT COUNTS. I compete with ME. And the results are dang nice.

I kid you not people, the amount of times I am doing a double take in the mirror lately- cannot even count anymore. Seriously.


That said, I'm planning to kick this cold's A** to the curb pronto so I can get my vacation on. I've read that it's ok to workout when you are sick as long as it is above the neck-- so I might get some cardio on later. I hate just lying in bed. UGH.

But, this is temporary. And I'm gonna enjoy Miami THAT MUCH MORE when I feel better in a few days. ;-)