Manic Monday. Blah.


Happy Monday everyone. Sigh. I have to be honest, I'm not crazy excited as I type this, I've been in bed most of the day. ;-( What's up with that? I think the madness of last week (because I'm just back to posting regularly, I will have to explain that situation later but suffice it to say I got NO SLEEP at my hotel last week, except for one night. Meaning I was tossing and turning and not able to sleep 5 out of 6 nights. Misery. And y'all know that's the #1 way I get sick is when I'm missing sleep. Where was my Technogel mattress and a portable air conditioner??)  plus travel in general has given me a touch of a cold- AND I was a bad girl last week taking my vitamins too! NAUGHTY.  So today I woke up with a sore throat. I thought it was like -- just a dry throat but after I did some cardio, I realized that OH CRAP I really DO have a sore throat. UGH. 

So, I'm writing a quick update here and then crawling back in bed. Taking Zicam every 3 hours as that usually knocks any impending cold out fast. I have my humidifier going in my room and of course I'm totally all over my Technogel pillows-- being that they keep your face/head COOL it's even better when you are sick with a slight fever.

There are times like this where I just want someone to be here all day and wait on me hand and foot. Is this wrong?


So here are a few updates on -- what's my gig lately-- what I'm doing now that's working for me and what I'm loving and what is helping me.


Diet To Go Meals. Here's a little video that Dr. Mike did about Diet To Go and there is a certain woman he's talking about in this video that might sound like me......hmmmm..

Dr. Mike is brilliant. For me, as he said in this video, we also added one protein shake to match my training. It's working. The meals are fantastic. Honest to God, so convenient-- no brainer. You don't have to think-- you just pop in the microwave for 2.5 minutes. Bam. Really making my life at home when I'm not traveling a BREEZE. I cannot recommend them enough. I'll keep featuring photos of the food so you can see examples. 


Still using my vitamins (except last week LOL even though I did pack them) and supplements. GNC Genetix HD, GNC Vitapaks and probiotics, and I'm adding in some BSN goodness very soon. Stay tuned for that. Good thing is- I've developed ROUTINES and HABITS. Things are flowing-- it takes a while to do this, to get things where your mind and body expect them- BUT WORK FOR THAT. IT IS SO WORTH IT.


I am tracking everything. Use my Polar HRM for measuring all my workouts. I am weighing myself daily when at home but-- far less attached to what the # on the scale says because my body is making REMARKABLE changes. Seriously. I saw Michael when I got back and he did an informal assessment and said I am much farther along than he expected. Dang that felt AWESOME to hear. And it makes me work even HARDER. Success breeds success people. But like I said in the last post-- you have to wait for it. Don't keep starting over like I did in the past. HECK-- ONE MONTH IN TO THE NEW YEAR AND I AM IN AWE OF WHAT I'VE ACCOMPLISHED. How long has it been since you've heard me say that?? And why?? Why can I say that??

  1. I haven't given up. Absolutely there were times I wanted to -- probably when I first stepped on the scale! But I kept going. I have not given up -- even before the start of the new year, but for record keeping on this blog, let's just refer to the new year for reference. All January-- I have been ON IT.
  2. I am tracking things-- tracking me-- my behavior and results--- objectively. It's like studying yourself and figuring yourself out and then editing yourself. It gets fun, in a sick way. LOL
  3. I am pushing it EVERY WORKOUT. Not quitting early. Always going heavy with weights. Heavier each time. Cardio-- mixing it up. Adding new stuff to keep me interested, amped, excited and having fun. See below.



You all know I've been addicted to Ilaria's Bodystrikes DVDs forever. She has brand new DVDS out now, I have yet to get them but I'M ALL OVER THAT. I was supposed to meet with her in NYC last week but OY VEY I got too busy. Stay tuned for more on her. But highly recommend her DVDS-- you can see previews on Collage Video.

And then of course, I've always been addicted to ANYTHING by Cathe Friedrich. And now she's done it again with Xtrain. I'm spoiled as heck because she is on my FitFluential Board of Advisors and so PERK I got the Xtrain series sent to me. Kittens - OMG. She has put together a KILLER KILLER set of workouts here. I talked about it in a preview here in this video:

I did the lower body cardio DVD the other night-- and of course was not disappointed. Seriously- EVERY SINGLE DVD BY THIS WOMAN IS STELLAR and she offers about 2 billion premixes on each DVD as well.


People. I am NOT just saying this because I am a Beachbody "Coach" and can make a commission if you buy this. I've been a coach forever and I recommend both BB products and non-BB like Ilaria etc. I AM SO ANNOYED AT MYSELF FOR NOT GETTING INTO THIS EARLIER. I remember over a year ago my friend Jess loaned me her copy while she was pregnant. It was right after I seriously hurt my left shoulder and I couldn't do it so what did I do?? GIVE UP. Now, I'm using it and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THESE WORKOUTS I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH. The music is high high energy. Chalene (full disclosure, she is a friend) is soooo adorable and her body is enough to make you want to do this alone. There are like 700 DVDS in this package. OMG. I cannot get over how many workouts-- tons at 10 minutes (HIIT), 20, 30, 40 and 60. I can't say enough how addicted I am to this. (You can order from me on my BB site by CLICKING HERE.)


And y'all know when I saw this preview for Les Mills Combat I was DROOLING. I'm a huge kickboxing fan. HUGE. And it's been hard because Billy Blanks- love him but his workouts the past many years have not been hard or sweatfests in my opinion. Um. Les Mills is FUN totally fun and you get your sweat on. LOVE LOVE LOVE. (You can order at my site as well-- they appear to be down right now, hopefully Beachbody will fix that by tomorrow. OY)

TOTALLY BADASS. I TOTALLY LOVE. I am like a kid at Christmas each day that I do a workout at home---because I have all these amazing workouts to choose from. FREAKING AWESOME. And with all the DVDS and then Cathe's premixes.....helloooo. I have variety forever. Then I add my time at the gym where I KILL IT and that's what is making life FUN. It makes it easier to choose grilled chicken and wait a bit longer untikl my next Giordano's Pizza party. ;-)


I'm going back to bed. Taking care of me. How about you? What new habits or workouts or treats are you giving yourself to keep you motivated and amped????

DISCLOSURE: GNC, Technogel, Diet To Go, Polar USA are all clients of my company, FitFluential. All opinions are my own. I am also an independent BeachBody Coach and if you order products via my site I will earn a commission.