Sigh. I am no longer on this beach, where I was quite a bit last week. And clearly I did partially do the real VACATION thing in that-- you didn't see any posts from me. I actually did not even open my laptop until about 5 days in. The thing is-- overall, although I'm glad I went, I just kind of pushed too much, snuck in some business meetings and then just did TOO much, what with flying into Ft. Lauderdale, staying with Jay (see below, he's at The Arnold Sports Classic right now competing! WOOT!), training with him one day, then heading down to Miami-- and then, having to rush around and change my flights at the last minute to come home a day EARLY because Chicago was getting a nasty mini-blizzard.

I guess I just feel like-- for a vacation-- it was too much rushing. I LOVE Miami and I had a great time but it was too rushed. I did decide for sure-- I've said this for years but really, it's time to make plans and put action steps in place to get a place down there for me. I think inevitably I could live there 100%. We'll see.


If you recall, Jay was my first trainer. And I have to tell you, I just LOVE training with this man. After The Arnold, you'll see more of him in the FitFluential world for sure. Take a peek here at his training style and maybe you'll see why I heart him so much:

He is a crazy beast and I love him. We did the hack squat and some variations on there that had me so sore the next 3 days I was DYING. In fact, as I headed into a lot of my yoga classes down in Miami, I found myself not being able to do some of the poses as long because my legs were FRIED. Seriously. And boy did I do a lot of yoga in Miami and I have SO MISSED IT. Old friend is back. I'll be heading to Hot Yoga here in Chicago again regularly and I cannot wait. 


One day we started with Cat's class-- see above, she has a DVD out now-- she's more of an athletic approach to yoga and OMG I loved loved loved this class. That day I ran in the morning and did not one but TWO yoga classes. The second one was led by my BFF Kelly's manfriend, Gabriel....see the cute couple below.


Seriously, Kelly is just AWESOME. You'll also be seeing more of the two of these fine yogis in FitFluential-Land in the future. I've known Kelly for YEARS- she was originally a client and now is just an amazing BFF who has really changed my life--it was one of my last trips to visit her that we had these long talks and she was the impetus for me coming home, selling my house, quitting my job and building FitFluential into what it is so far. Awesome. And wow, they both are GREAT teachers----- I wish I could have them with me every day to teach me.


Yea. He acts like that is nothing. And then Kelly goes into this like changing her socks-- no big deal:


Now. I will tell you this. I am SO PROUD of myself. I cheated not ONCE on my vacation- that's right -- I was spot ON my diet the entire time. And....I might add, I worked out every single day, most days 2x a day. BAM! I arrived in town Monday night at Jay's house-- got my workout clothes on and went for a run THAT NIGHT!


That was my "see I went running here at night!" shot. Here's a peek of that area, and you can see why I am being pulled to Miami.


I know right. So, yes, I got up every morning and went for a run, about 30-40 minutes. I really really really enjoy running outside in the warm weather. GREAT sweatfest. Then I ran again most evenings. Did a ton of yoga and again- no cheating on my diet. Although when Kelly's daughter made these cheddar biscuits I about died:


Sigh. I was so good. And I came home and gained of course not an ounce. In fact today I am down 2 lbs from when I got home. One of the things I forgot to pack was my blasted remote control for my camcorder and my USB cord. That was it. The only things I forgot. So no videos but hey-- here are some to get us caught up. I promised y'all I'd do a review on the home workout DVDs that I am using and love. See below. And of course, if you decide to order any of the Beachbody ones, you can do so from my Beachbody website by clicking HERE.

Part Two below....

Now I must run-- have a lot to do today and my mom is having a rough time after her last chemo so I need to go be with her. ;-( Please continue to pray for her. So thankful for my HEALTH-- not only because I'm not sick anymore but also because I Think of what my poor mom is going through. Makes me sad. 

But-- she will get through it! WOOT! What have you been loving lately for your workouts??