Welcome Back.


Happy Saturday people!! OMG. Seriously-- so I am home yes and I did my nice little sweatfest this morning-- Cathe's Xtrain Lower Body Cardio. And here I am finally putting up a blog post -- because we finally got my BLOG functional, and now guess what??? YES I AM ON THE PHONE WITH COMCAST TECH SUPPORT TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY SUDDENLY ALL OF MY EMAIL IS NOT BEING SENT ON THIS COMPUTER.

Yes. More technical problems. I swear to God I am going to lose my freaking mind soon if SOMETHING doesn't just WORK. We had to switch servers for our company email because the company we were using InMotion Hosting was um, not working. So we researched and switched to Google Apps as a hosting solution and now that is apparently affecting my stuff and it is SO ANNOYING. Here's the thing-- I spent more than 4 hours on these settings on my laptop on Monday. Not a typo - yes, 4 hours--and finally got it working on my Outlook etc. on my laptop. So I come home and come into my home office today and think, I'll copy the settings here on the new PC and go. NOT SO FAST. Everything on this PC is set up EXACTLY WITH THE SAME SETTINGS AS MY LAPTOP but here-- it's not working. So now I am YET AGAIN on the phone with some guy in tech support who can't seem to figure out why this is not working.


Just to reiterate why I am SO SO SO ANNOYED -- here is everything that I've bought or upgraded in the past 30 days that is not working:

  1. Brand new DELL XPS All-in-One: have been on the phone 2x with tech support fixing apparently BIOS settings that made the entire systems inoperable.
  2. Brand new Jabra Bluetooth Headset system for Land Line, Mobile and Skype- finally got it working AFTER I had to go buy a corded phone (WTH) and now every time I use it there is echoing and feedback-- so MORE time I will have to spend with tech support to see if I can fix it.
  3. Brand new iPod: not functioning correctly. Need to exchange.
  4. Brand new wireless mouse for the computer from Plantronics: does everything great but no functions like copy/paste. Good times. Can't use it.
  5. Brand new iPhone 5- no Mophie extended battery for the phone so after you make like 1 phone call your battery starts dying, oh and there is a totally different charger so it won't work with all the other iphone chargers you have. #FAIL
  6. Brand new Bluetooth Plantronics Headset: barely fits my ear. 
  7. My old blog- upgrading from Squarespace version 5 to version 6 took about 2 weeks to become functional due to strange WHO KNOWS WHAT.

Whatever. I'm SO OVER THIS. My GOD.

photo (1).JPG

Fun right? I had to modify seriously a lot in this because I messed up my right shoulder this week doing Les Mills Combat (boo hoo Kelly) so after about 50 minutes I burned about 325 calories. LOVE me some Cathe.

Now I have to deal with more tech support BS so I am leaving you with a few peeks from this week of me kicking a** in NYC on my trip.

photo (2).JPG

Even in the airport with a delayed flight, I did not cave and have Auntie Annie's Pretzels. nope. I had Designer Whey Protein to Go. I gotta tell you guys and gals, I dig this stuff a lot-- great flavors, a little fizzy too and you can mix/match the flavors-- whey isolate so I can take it. 50 calories each packet with 10g protein so I use 2 or 2.5 to make my drink with water. YUM. 

photo (3).JPG

Had a LOT Of grilled chicken breast this trip- I seem to like it when they butterfly the chicken breast and it's more well-done. Just my thing.

photo (4).JPG

Also did great at the hotel and out with clients. Yes I went to a fabulous Italian place with my friends at Runner's World Magazine and ---- I had chicken breast only! BOOYA. I ordered sashimi only with seaweed salad. BOOYA. I had egg white omelets for breakfast with MY OWN OATS in a Shaker Cup booya I roll that way people. Packed my coconut oil so I had my own coffee too. Felt great.

photo (5).JPG

Brought all my friends with me to train in the room. LOVE IT. And the hotel had a DVD PLAYER BONUS!

SO. I'm off. Have things to do and frustration to take out at the gym. ;-) Did you guys have a great week??