Light it UP.


One of the questions I've been getting recently-- and in the past of course, but most specifically very recently-- is about MOTIVATION or energy to keep with the path. "How do you find the energy when you don't like your results?" or "I have so much weight to lose but I can't get motivated to DO ANYTHING about it....." or "I've tried EVERYTHING in the past and I KNOW I need to change but how- how do get started and not give up?"

There is no one answer. If you've been following my blog for a while you know that the years of 2009/2010 and 2011--- those were 3 glory years of hormonal change hell for me. I didn't know it at the time but I was entering into early-onset perimenopause which gifted me first with serious internal temperature change (HOT all the time) then this ridiculously painful and not nice-looking skin condition that no one could diagnose for over TWO YEARS (NOT A TYPO) and then weight gain-- all in places I'd never had it before.

Good Times.

Anyway-- I did a whole lot of whining, feeling sorry for myself-- deluding myself into thinking I was still operating at full capacity- still being consistent in my workouts and in keeping a healthy diet, when in reality- for most of those 2-3 years, I was going from doctor to doctor, getting WORSE and just laying around my house hiding out from the world- embarrassed about what was happening to me. I was also in the midst of horrible other STUFF going on- losing my job, I was unemployed for 14+ months--- lots of drama personally and professionally--- yea, lots of "character growth" times.

All that said, I finally started to snap out of this by the end of 2011-- or started to at least realize I had to ACCEPT MYSELF and stop punishing myself every day. And I had to get real with myself in seeing where I was and admitting that in addition to the physical "condition" I have now, I had also DROPPED THE BALL. I stopped PLAYING. And I was out of say the least. I had been thrown a curve ball and instead of adjusting, I let it hit me in the head and knock me out.


This is so true and it's not just some cheesy Whitney Houston love song. You have to start looking at yourself like you are the kickass prize that you ARE. NOW. Not when you are perfect- because likely, let's get REAL-- you will never think you are there, right?? Let's get REAL. Like yourself NOW. Tell yourself you won't beat yourself up every day and look for the bad in your body. Tell yourself you are CAPABLE AND UNSTOPPABLE. And commit to treating yourself to a killer journey. 


I've talked about this a lot-- my problem the past few years was researching the elusive PERFECT WORKOUT AND DIET PLAN. So I wanted to KNOW-- to absolutely KNOW that if I started Monday, by X days later, I would be X weight GUARANTEED. And I'd read new books or magazines or research on YouTube or blogs HOURS AND HOURS-- and of course all that time NOT WORKING OUT and probably many nights going to Burger King because 'I'm starting on Monday!' (cough cough)---- if I had just STARTED back then as I have end of last year and now--- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYY LORRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDD. What a bunch of TIME WASTED.  Stop waiting for your body to be perfect before you workout- DUH. Stop waiting for Monday. Stop waiting for a new outfit or a gym membership. USE WHAT YOU HAVE AND START NOW. 


Once you start--- TELL YOURSELF IT WILL TAKE ALL YEAR. Commit to a year- long journey. Don't be an idiot and commit to 12 weeks. Maybe to start sure but stop putting deadlines on it. DO THE WORK and don't stop no matter what-- keep reminding yourself how hard you are working and that it WILL PAY OFF.

Because it will.

I'll be sharing a LOT of the mind-control lessons if you will that I've learned and conquered to finally turn MY ship stay tuned. Here's one of last week's ramble-on-a-thons:

Tara Stiles.jpg

Here's a little peek at a video about the goods-- and I might add I'm heading back to my favorite hot yoga studio this weekend yayayayay!!

Now. Tonight I'm off to meet Michael for LEG SLAUGHTER I mean workout. I love me some LEG DAY. What's your favorite body part to train? Are you doing Yoga-- hot or no?


I did Cathe's Tabatacise workout today -- ONLY TABATA ONE people (there are 5 total on one DVD and 5 different workout levels obviously-- I did Tabata One and did it 3x, burned 350 calories and was cursing her the whole time. Seriously this woman is a genius.



Um, also obsessed after hopping on the PB2 train. HOLY cow-- you make a syrup for your protein pancakes (for pancakes I use BSN Lean Dessert) or apparently some gals are adding that to protein shakes-- which I need to do next (for shakes, I use GNC AMP and am loving their cookie dough flavor yesss plus it's low carb too) Gosh I have so much to tell you but I have to get to the gym. 

More to follow tomorrow. But til then- KICK SOME BUTT -- START NOW!!!!!!!!!!!