What's UP people?? Happy Sunday! I hope you people on the EAST coast of the U.S. are ok. We got snow but not too much and today it's starting to melt. Yea, we got snow the day I was supposed to be going to MIAMI for my vacation. BOO. ;-0

I'm over it.


So the title of today's post is QUIT WHINING- START WINNING. And the picture above speaks to this theme as well. I get a little tired of hearing so many people WHINE about their bodies and they DO NOTHING. I get tired of hearing people act as if those of us that DO workout and eat right have taken some magic pill or we have special skills that make it EASIER for us to DO THE WORK.


It never gets easier necessarily-- you have to continually challenge yourself in your workouts and yes, most people have to ALWAYS focus on their diet to some degree if you want to stay healthy and fit. Period. Get over it. IF that's what you want-- to be fit and healthy- well, embrace the fact that as you get older, every day, every month, every year, you have to keep taking it up a notch. What's the alternative? Being lazy, getting heavier and more out of shape and unhealthy. Doesn't appeal to me. I'm willing to do the work.

YOU NEED TO DECIDE TO DO THE WORK. Understand that -- probably every day-- there will be a point when you WON'T FEEL LIKE IT. Recognize that thought and that it is your inner evil person trying to sabotage your results. That inner evil person (Remember my mantra-- if you hate it then you need to put a name on it?? Put a name on this inner evil person-- call it the same name as your ex girlfriend or ex husband or your boss or whoever gets on your last nerve-- that will make you want to defeat them even more.) wants to push you BACK into the comfort zone.


I didn't FEEL like doing my cardio this morning. I've been sick all week. Aunt Flo arrived today. I slept in. My brain was on full-blast telling me to NOT workout and to BE A SLOTH. But I recognized it and instead ran to the kitchen for some of my favorite BLUE:


Typically once I have some of this, there is no way I'm not working out. It just gets me GOING. Then I put on my POLAR HRM and once I get the heart-beat in there, IT'S ON:


Please note-- IF YOU DON'T HAVE A HRM -- GET ONE. Do you see above--- that's a one hour workout time to burn 374 calories. I've talked about this before how infomercials and sometimes gyms will advertise classes as "BURNS OVER 1000 CALORIES IN AN HOUR!!!" -- and then people believe that. And they do a class and eat accordingly- as if they burned 1000 calories. I don't know that I have EVER burned 1000 calories in an hour in my life and I KILL IT when I workout. Also-- the machines at the gym-- um yea, sorry to tell you- they are also just GUESSING at what you burned and are usually WAY higher. Give yourself a break and get a good HRM, I have been using Polar for years. Highly recommend.

OMG. I swear to GOD if any more technology fails me......the above video for some reason this blasted SQUARESPACE blog cannot seem to recognize the URL. Why? Not a problem with YouTube? Just today--MORE PROBLEMS FROM THIS RIDICULOUSLY ABSURD NON-INTUITIVE NEW BLOG PLATFORM. Yes, the moment I can, I will switch to Wordpress at this point, which I dread-I absolutely dread because I don't like it. I have loved Squarespace for YEARS and years but since upgrading to this version 6-- I want to cut myself. NOTHING WORKS. And everything is soooo counterintuitive.

I have to go. ;-) Writing this blog is putting me into a bad mood.

But I am still a LITTLE sick today so I am NOT leaving the house -----I promise!! I WILL be better tomorrow. I WILL BE BETTER TOMORROW!! ;-)


I am now obsessed with PB2. Holy Cow. Where has this been all my life??