Happy Sunday Kittens.

Wow-- it was Wednesday when I last posted but I have to say--- aside from my new resolve to really get back to regular blogging/vlogging (I'm all over the video part so far), I am also or have been also really dedicating myself to CLEANING house. 

I spent about 5-6 hours today just cleaning out my office, and setting up my new computer~~ the desktop one in my office. People when you do that like every 4 years, it takes TIME.

And I set up my hujazz vision board in my office too. The above image is on there. 

And it is so true.

Regardless of what day it is or how many times you have failed, you CAN CHANGE YOURSELF. The only way you fail is to quit. I got pissed off this morning when I got on the scale. Didn't say what I wanted it to say. But-- instead of getting more pissed and making a bad decision, I chose to do the right thing. I chose to move in the RIGHT direction.

Sunday today is just sweetness. I wrote on my Facebook wall earlier this week that I AM TRANSFORMING. People I am. Inner. Outer. It's all changing. It feels like life is just about to explode. 


Now-- here is my vlog, I think I have just 2 more and I am up to date, then I'll blog/vlog post like a normal person.

;-) I swear.

And you know what, what the heck, here is another one! Let's move this FORWARD:

Now. I'm off to do some READING --- yes, personal READING before bed, and I'm going to bed EARLIER so I can get up EARLIER and kick more butt EARLIER. That's RIGHT!


How was your weekend?

I'll be back tomorrow. Still transferring all my goods from old PC to this one........and Windows 8 is not compatible with my old external hard drive. Good times!