All Together Now.


Hey All. Happy Sunday. I'm in NYC this week, just arrived today. It feels kind of weird to be blogging again after all the technical difficulties the past 2 weeks. I still have a lot of stuff to work out for this new site, but we'll get there. 

Anyway, I am actually going to get my workout clothes on and get my sweatfest going shortly. My flight got in around 2pm EST and I was so so so tired. OMG. I did not sleep well last night and so after arriving and unpacking, I actually for the first time in YEARS...took a NAP. A NAP. I actually slept. I was that tired. I usually can't sleep unless it's bedtime and unless I have my BFF Advil PM with me. Apparently sometimes being just plain TIRED can work too. Who knew?


Amen to this one. I will tell you all this, I can easily say that I've done just as much work on my mind and changing my mindset the past few months as I have on my body. And it's all coming together now. It's a beautiful thing because I wake up feeling invincible. I wakl around feeling unstoppable. I am EXCITED about my next workout because I know that each workout is adding to the INVESTMENT I'm making in myself. It accumulates and becomes visible at different times and in different ways for all of us. I'll tell you one thing it feels like HEAVEN when people you haven't even asked -- just out of the blue start telling you how different you look and asking what you are doing differently. ;-)


So true. Michael and I were talking about food the other day and I shared with him my mind fascination with Giordano's Pizza and how on my birthday I am SO HAVING IT. I'm being SO SO good and focused on my dieting for NOW-- I'm being more disciplined than I honestly EVER have been. And really it's not this horrible agony of obsessing about what I am not eating regularly but mention pizza and I want it bad. But I sure as heck like seeing what's happening with my abs more. That's the thing. Is a taste of something NOW-- something that you know you can have regularly later in life (the "dieting" thing is temporary and then you are into more of a maintenance mode where indulgent meals are more common) really worth it more than what you are creating? For me the answer is no. I have never felt so good and never been so amazed at what I'm accomplishing. That's the funny thing-- my mind is more focused on the process than on obsessing about WHAT I SEE IN THE MIRROR. I'm tracking everything and treating myself like a scientific study and it ends up distracting you in many ways from being obsessed with THE SHORT TERM instead of focused on the LONG-TERM.


I have the perfect ANALOGY I'm going to tell you tomorrow-- I actually shot a vlog tonight in my hotel room but the lighting was so bad I kind of just gave up. It was not acceptable. So here is one of my last vlogs and then we should be I think caught up.

Ahhhhh. Another thing I have to figure out on my new blog platform-- formatting the videos. I'll get to it. Right now they show up just plain black no title. We'll work on that. Now I am off to sweat. I packed all my favorite workouts and this hotel has a 24 hour gym that I will probably go preview now......weights tomorrow, but cardio tonight. ;-) I am ABSOLUTELY LOVING AND ADDICTED TO TurboFire and also Les Mills Combat. And Cathe's new XTrain series with 140 premixes and some serious hard core advanced weight training and mixes, I am a kid in a candy store every day. Only not candy. Um, protein shakes. ;-) 


I am off to sweat. Pictures later. Videos tomorrow and this blog will GROW AND FLOURISH as it is now live again. AMEN.

What did you do this weekend??