Oh my goodness people. It's been rather  whirlwind of sheer madness around here the past few weeks. I don't know if you have seen THIS blog or my old one but let's just say for about 7-10 days I had some SERIOUS ISSUES getting my blog transferred and LIVE. I was on the phone with GoDaddy and Squarespace and pretty much everyone you can imagine. Then-- I think I may or may not have mentioned that I've just had all my cool new technology that I bought in December like NOT WORK on me.

Seriously. I need Botox from all the frowning I've done the past few weeks. So I've been kicking a** in the gym and the kitchen but DANG PEOPLE, every single technology thing has been destroying me. My new Jabra headset, my new iPOD, my blog transfer, my garage door broke, my new iPhone-- um, no Mophie available until the end of January and I rely on the extra battery time new DELL has had me on the phone with tech support at least 2x with utter like BREAK DOWNS. People-- I am not a newbie. I can safely call myself an intermediate level tech savvy person. But DAMN. 

I'm just saying it again DAMN!



Isn't that awesome? Saw it on Pinterest of course. And I will tell you this, I'm going to talk and blab a LOT about this in my vlogs but this is true people-- OUR FUTURE SUCCESS IS SO MUCH ABOUT OUR MIND. It's our mind that tells us to get OVER not wanting to get out of bed in the morning and go to the gym. It's our MIND that tells us "Yea, that extra happy hour this week DOES matter if I want to be as ripped as I wanna be..." It's our MIND that makes us keep going when we are busting our a** in the gym and then we weigh ourselves and don't like what we see.

The big challenge isn't really (in my opinion) what your body CAN DO. Your body is amazing. You CAN do so much more than you think. It's our MINDS that have to push it.

More later. I'm heading to NYC tomorrow- will be there all week. Now that my blog is finally functional again I will get caught up-- more blogs daily as I promised before but forgive me, technology gave me a time out.

That said-- am I still crushing it? OMG YES. I was at the gym today with Michael doing shoulders and how much does it make my day when someone walks up to me and asks how much weight I've lost because I look so different?? Unsolicited comments like that ROCK MY FACE OFF. I got my nails done on Thursday and SHE said "What is your trainer doing to you because your body looks totally different?" It's ON people. I haven't been this focused or consistent in 2+ years. This is the year that everything DOES change.


If you are in NYC and want to join us====on Thursday we are doing a little throw-down workout with Brett Hoebel who is also recently FitFluential-ized. He's such an amazing person, and y'all know I've loved his workouts for a while. JOIN us if you can NYC peeps. But you must RSVP. ;-)


Now. I must go chill out a bit, then pack. Limo gets here pretty early tomorrow morning but I'm fine with that cuz I get up at 6:30am regularly now. BOOYA.

Here is one of my recent Ramble-On-A-Thons from .....well last week probably. Sorry guys and gals, I'm seriously catching up this week. ;-) PROMISE.

Hmmm. Still learning how to post all my stuff on the new blog but I am liking the look of it. Do you?? Are you all at the right blog? ;-) I'll put up a note on my old blog so everyone comes HERE.