Changes Galore.

People. I'm running out but wanted to put up a quick post. LOTS of changes coming here soon. I'm upgrading this blog to a newer platform so over the next few days if you see some odd page errors briefly you'll know why.

SECONDLY--AS I WAS GOING THROUGH MY WEBSITE ARCHITECTURE I DISCOVERED ABOUT 72 COMMENTS THAT WERE FOR SOME UNGODLY REASON MARKED AS SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!! They are now published but so many of you I feel so bad- you thought I wasn't posting your comments and/or ignoring you. NOT TRUE!! Will be hard to go back and comment to everyone but rest assured this is changed for the future.

Here's my Ramble-On-A-Thon for your pleasure. MUCH TO FOLLOW-- Believe it or not I am STILL yes still finishing up with some technology issues in my house. I shot a whole vlog about it this morning- will publish tomorrow probably. We'll be all caught up soon but here is the short list:


  1. NEW PC-- the old PC I was using a hujazz external hard drive. When I shut it down to set up the new PC I thought I'd quickly dump all my data etc. on the hard drive. New PC didn't recognize the hard drive nor does my laptop. Had to start all over to recover and transfer data --- THOUSANDS of files. Bit by bit because they are such big files. 
  2. New Ipod -- new ipod already not functioning and it's not even a month old.
  3. New PC had a major BIOS error the 3rd day.
  4. New Phone system -- apparently failed to see that I have to buy a special CORDED PHONE for the WIRELESS PHONE to function? WTH????????????????
  5. New iPhone- no Mophie available until end of this month. I hate running out of power. OY

Good times.

I'll be back later with more updates. 

buh bye. And yes, I'm still going to bed at 10:30pm and up at 6:30am BOOYA.