Focus on the BIG PICTURE.

Yea, that's me in the picture. ;-) 

I saw this on Pinterest and had to share moreso because of the statement than the actual photo. People, I am TRANSFORMING inside and outside, and it's because of many factors- but a lot of these factors are me just being brutally honest with myself, taking down my guards, looking at myself objectively, like a science project and then......seeing everything so clearly that I've done wrong or NOT DONE, and seeing everything so clearly that I NEED TO DO. Then....committing to doing that.....and then taking the next MOST IMPORTANT STEPS PAST THAT COMMITMENT phase.

We ALL GET TO THE COMMITMENT PHASE. We ALL get to where we want it so bad. 

But you can get there 100x and still .....not show up. 


A big big big part of what I plan for now.....are my BAD THOUGHTS. My doubts that creep in. My insecurities, my tendency to compare myself to others. I PLAN FOR THESE THOUGHTS like I plan for annoying people you know you are going to see at the office or over the holidays. YOU PLAN FOR IT. YOU EXPECT IT. AND YOU KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH IT. Or stomp on it.


I bet a lot of you are like me. You love being at the gym. You love hitting the weights, you might even be crazy like me and love the cardio too. But things get in your way. You hop on the scale and freak out at the number. Or you try on your pants and they are STILL too tight to wear without muffin top. 

Something happens and inside you just want to cry. Or hurt someone. But what soooo many of us do---IS GIVE UP. 

We stop focusing on the BIG PICTURE.

The BIG PICTURE IS THIS-- EVERY STEP YOU TAKE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION IS PUSHING YOU TOWARD YOUR GOAL. For some of us, we lose weight/gain muscle and it's a steady climb or decrease ---a progression easy to see on the scale, with the measuring tape etc. For others it comes in chunks. A lot of time before ANYTHING HAPPENS!

When you eat RIGHT (better, less, more portion-controlled, whatever the improvement is that YOU need to make) and move MORE-- you ARE MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

When -- and it will be WHEN NOT IF-- When you have the moments of "I'm not losing ANYTHING!!! What's wrong with me???" or "I'm stuck at the same weight, I thought I could do more today....."--THAT'S WHEN YOU HAVE TO see the evil side of you--- that person that never wants you to succeed-- that's that persona that I refer to when I say IF YOU HATE IT PUT A NAME ON IT. Recognize your inner whiny wimpy douchebag and KICK THAT BIOTCH to the curb!!!!!!!! CONQUER IT. 

At those moments- stop. STOP AND THINK ABOUT THE BIG PICTURE. What is your goal. Where do you want to be? Think about your most motivating THING-- maybe your bikini, maybe finally (dudes) being proud of going shirtless at the beach-- whatever it is, think of yourself THERE. Are you moving? Are you sweating? Are you eating right? THEN KNOW THAT YOU ARE ON THE WAY. Don't let the scale that day piss you off so you GIVE UP AGAIN. 

I think many of us GIVE UP FAR MORE OFTEN THAN WE THINK. We take a break far more often and for longer than we think.


Make this the year that every time that inner douchebag starts trying to make you DOUBT YOURSELF AND GIVE UP-- you start working THAT MUCH HARDER.

See what happens. What's the worst thing that can happen? Are any of us going to eat right/better and move MORE/harder for 3 months and look back and say "Wow. That sucked. I feel crappy. I regret that I didn't park on the couch more and watch Jerry Springer. I wish I didn't have this muscle. I wish my jeans were tighter. I wish I hadn't lost 5 pounds...."

Doing the right thing REPEATEDLY AND NOT GIVING UP WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL WILL create results. The WHEN is different for all of us. What's not different is that you HAVE TO KEEP DOING THE WORK. YOU CANNOT GIVE UP OR GIVE IN.

What is it that you think you can't do? 

Let me tell you something -- YOU'VE GOT THIS. YOU CAN DO THIS. Set the bar HIGHER. 

Last week I said that this week I would get to bed by 10:30pm so I can be up by 6:30am Guess what? DAY THREE AND I AM DOING IT. Still isn't really pleasurable being up at Dark O'Clock but I am doing it. I am capable of change and improvement and I will. 


Hope you enjoyed my "oops I forgot to upload this vlog from last Sunday" Babble-on-A-Thon. I also finally have my office set up and although I've lost some data in all the transferring...I'm over it. It's time to ROCK this year. That. Is. All.