After reading this blog post by Bonnie Pfiester, (one of our FitFluential Ambassadors in FL)  "The Nooner, Quickie Workouts for Peeps On the Go", it not only gave me that push today that I needed to get my workout on, but it inspired this post. The other night I was participating in a Twitter chat with Centrum and a TON of people were on there whining about having NO TIME to workout. 

I have heard this EXCUSE and yes, I've used this EXCUSE in the past myself. It's lame. LAME. 

Time to change your thinking. Time to change your attitude. Time to change what you BELIEVE is possible. Why do I laugh out loud at anyone that says, "I have NO TIME to workout!" I say BALONEY (well ok usually I might say a PG-13 word but you know...) 

Something is better than nothing. For all those people that say, "I have no time to workout" I ask you this:


  • Do you watch TV? You have time.
  • Do you play video games? You have time.
  • Do you spend at least 30 minutes on Facebook? You have time.
  • Do you sit around at the office after lunch chatting? You have time.


You get the drift. A SERIOUS SWEATFEST CAN BE HAD IN 30 MINUTES OR LESS PEOPLE!! Stop doing what I used to do and assume that the ONLY WAY YOU CAN WORKOUT and really make a difference is to do a full-on 90-Minute+ intensity session. Now- this is NOT to say that these aren't great and won't get you more fit and probably more fit FASTER. But, do not think you can't make a serious dent in your weight loss goals by QUITTIN YOUR BITCHIN AND START LIFTIN! ;-) (that's a tee-shirt of mine that I love)

If you want to RUN, don't think that just because you are starting out and you have to walk 5 minutes and run 1 minute and then repeat, THAT IT DOESN'T COUNT. Keep going. It counts. You are burning calories. You are getting stronger. 

Weights. Think you need an hour in the gym? BALONEY. (fat free of course) Ask my BFF Carla, otherwise known as @mizfitonline and clearly one of the most chiseled buff babes I know. Carla does her weight workout every day in under 20 minutes. And let me tell you she is BUFF BEYOND MEASURE. 

You don't need a boatload of time. You don't need a gym or a trainer. The amount of resources at your disposal are mind-boggling. Tumblr has 15,000 printed out customized workouts on there that will keep you going, sweating and crushing it with no equipment. YouTube? Hello, it's not just for MY Ramble-On-A-Thon vlogs- and here is my sweatfest vlog from this weekend:

Just off the top of my head I know 2 KILLER workout resources that weekly offer customized -- short and sweet sweatfest circuits. 

The first one is Bonnie's hubby Steve Pfiester, and watch out, he will hurt you:

Hello? That was 10 minutes. Why not warm up for 5 minutes, do that workout, then some jumping jacks and running in place? Cool down, and you've got your workout. A TOUGH ONE. One that will challenge you and burn fat and get you ready for more.

HELLLLOOOO what about the Supreme Buff Babe, Zuzana? HELLO- her workouts are AMAZING and free and clearly they work:

Sure, she's using some equipment but many of her workouts use NOTHING. Yes, killer long workouts are great. But any trainer will tell you that higher intensity is the key and if you start with 20 minutes a day, watch the difference. Watch the difference in your attitude when you suddenly feel healthier and better about yourself. 

Create your own motivation. Tell yourself that DAGGONEIT I'm not gonna make lame excuses about time. I'm making PROGRESS NOT EXCUSES!

That's what I did today. It was 6pm and I squeezed in Jackie Warner's Timesaver Workout:

Awesome, tough mini-workout and I burned 365 calories. How good do I feel that I conquered that inner voice that said, "I don't feel like working out right now, it's latee.......waaahhh" and I started my week off RIGHT! BOOYA!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's your plan? Are you using no-time as an excuse?