TGIF. Finally!

Disclosure: Reebok is a client of my company, FitFluential. All views expressed here are my own.

Are you tired of my feet focused photos yet??

Are you tired of my feet focused photos yet??

Happy Friday! It is with glee this morning that I woke up and put WORKOUT SHOES on! And walked around the house and was able to keep them on, not feel the toe with healing blood blister crying out for me to stop.....big moment. Because you will ask, the shoes above are the Reebok ATV -- VERY VERY cushiony shoes really intended for being outdoors but hey, I walk on the wild side and wear them inside. ;-)

So happy. Yesterday was a tease because although the blister is indeed healing, it was still to the point that putting shoes and socks on was too much pressure and even attempting down dog or anything, NOT appropriate. Today is my first day back.

That said- my eats have been good this week, definitely need to GROCERY SHOP but I have been loving the chicken with that McCormick spice on it- yesterday one meal was that chicken plus lettuce plus avocado mixed with the killer green salsa I am in love with now:


I like this on eggs. I like this in salads. I like it. I also like that it sets my mouth on fire. 


I can say this, I am sick to death of tilapia. So I am going to try some new fish seasoning, toppings and new FISH CHOICES. I'm actually surprised I'm liking chicken again but I gotta tell you this spice is pretty life changing. Who knew? Now- here is my babble-on-a-thon from last week. Sorry, getting caught up with my vlogs and blog. It's a new year- and I am back blogging! Yayay! New habits galore! BOOYA.

On a side note, more on this later but I have to tell you- the folks at Nautilus sent me the new Core Body Reformer. I remember looking at it thinking, this might be fun- you guys know how in the past I've loved/enjoyed like barre type workouts and I love a certain Jennifer Kries very old DVD for Pilates- method precision something or other. But-- I can say this, this SYSTEM blew my  mind- TOTALLY NOT WHAT I EXPECTED.


Here is the thing- and I am taking this with me over to my parents house to show them- you can do virtually EVERY conceivable move for your body- and some stretching like a foam roller almost-- with the resistance (3 levels) of the cables- it's pretty awesome. And then, because so many of the moves you can stand on this circular thing-- you gotta BALANCE so it's not just core, tightening the core but I've talked about balance too- equilibrium in our bodies and frankly- my mom after her chemo is working DAILY on just getting her legs and feet ok to BALANCE, she feels just off balance or weak there sometimes. When I say resistance this is not going to be the heavy resistance you can get doing the cable machines at the gym but - these would be different moves and frankly adding the core and balance thing you couldn't do HEAVY HEAVY -- I think this thing in your bedroom or living room, I would do this just work back or shoulders or core or legs while watching TV- I think honestly it is BRILLIANT. Totally not what I expected. Of course I never look at things like this as "This is all I will do". I don't view them as a program- it comes with a DVD and workouts and I am sure they are great but I see this is a key staple tool for at home workouts like kettlebells, Bosu, TRX etc. What do you think?

I'm in love. ;-)  Check out this random video I found with some demos: