Get After It.

Disclosure: Reebok is a client of my company, FitFluential. All opinions expressed here are my own.  


Happy Saturday people! How has your week been? I've had a tough week, I cannot lie. I won't get into the details but suffice it to say that I am having to kind of give myself a pep talk today. Yea, I get down. I get down and out. I get discouraged and sometimes just plain upset and feeling depressed like the next guy. I've just gotten a lot better about bouncing back from these times, but there are days when...I want to be bad. Meaning I want to scream at people for how out of line they are, I want bad things to happen to bad people that seem to just keep getting away with it. I want selfish people that seem to drink greed for breakfast to wake up or have something horrible happen to them to pay them back for all the wrong they've done.  

So yea, I have those bad thoughts. But I just keep learning, I keep learning the lesson that I need to learn and I shake it off. It's not easy, and that's why I'm sharing it here because some people think I have it easy to be happy/motivated/positive/optimistic and that's not true. It's a choice and it's not always an easy one. But I keep making that right choice and believing for the best. What's the alternative? I don't want to go there. 



This was my cardio circuit the other day, and this morning I am getting ready to do my strength circuit. Mark told me I should try to do a short run this weekend and see how my Achilles feels -- I am excited to do this, as I have indeed missed my running for sure. I shot a vlog about the whole changing my workout approach and my opinions on it all- will post that tomorrow or Monday. But I am not missing the cardio DVDs believe it or or not, just have missed running. I read last night a bit more about Achilles issues and it seems that a primary CAUSE is not stretching your calf muscles. Let me tell you people I will make sure to get my dang stretching in for sure. I was not stretching at all before-- at all!! BAD KELLY. 

On the food side, I've been a bit bored. Just plain bored lately. I wrote to Dr. Mike and told him about it and how sometimes I know I haven't eaten my allotment that day and I hate the idea of "force feeding" and he wrote back and said it's not bad to have days like that where your appetite isn't there, and that he is not a fan of force feeding either. That made me feel better- NOT that it is a goal to not eat-- do NOT misinterpret me. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood and it's maybe 7pm and I dont' feel like making a protein shake then just to eat because I "SHOULD". Does that make sense? 

Now, I must go hit my strength circuit. Yesterday -- was a rough day and I did not workout. I just couldn't really do anything. And now I'm ready to bounce back. I know I will feel 200% better after my sweatfest. In the mean time, please enjoy this babble-on-athon below- I did a wrap up of all my favorite Reebok clothes/shoes from this year for you, per many of your requests. Will do the other brands and categories coming up so you can get your holiday gift guides going......yes, the holidays are here.....can you believe it? 

What are your workout plans for this weekend? and hey give me some new favorite meal ideas if you think of it. I'm bored. ;-) 


Define It.

Disclosure: Reebok and Verizon Wireless are clients of my company, FitFluential. All opinions expressed here are my own. 


Happy Saturday people. What is "define it" all about? Quite simply it means that when you want something in any area of life, you have to DEFINE what you want exactly. You might think, "Kelly are you kidding me? I know what I want. I need to lose weight!" or "Yea, I want a different job, my job sucks!!" or, "I wish I was in a relationship....." or, "My marriage sucks.....I know I don't want THIS!"-- well guess what- NONE of those statements are defining anything. They don't give you a GOAL to work toward. They are COMPLAINTS. 

Big difference between complaining and DEFINING.  

I talk from experience. The reason I founded FitFluential is that I was in a job I loathed, surrounded by people that I didn't fit in with -- and working for a boss who (I felt-- I have changed my tune on this as I have grown up and looked at things as they realy are) hated me--- at the end of 2010 I realized I was becoming THAT PERSON -- that person that constantly whines and moans and DOES NOTHING about it. I started to take specific action, even though it terrified me And look at me now.  



You will hear me a lot talking about a point that came up during my weekend at Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within-- and many of them may have been concepts or approaches I've heard before or agreed with before- but that just goes to show you, we often have to hear things repeatedly or at a different time for it to REALLY sink in. He used the term "blueprint" a lot. And wow-- that hit me in so many ways-- what we are doing with FitFluential this year is designing the blueprint for our future. We started this company and BAM straight out of the gate we were flooded with business and everything has been -- so much in a reactive state. We didn't have time to breathe. As we go global we are DEFINING what we want to achieve and then developing a plan to do that.  

You cannot just be unhappy about something- some state you are in- you have to DECIDE that you want to change and the you have to DEFINE VERY SPECIFICALLY what you want. Until you define what you want to accomplish- you are just complaining. You are merely wishing. And wishing doesn't get you anywhere does it? I've been wishing that Channing Tatum would call me for a long time..... 


When you define what you want-- say it's great abs for example, like the woman in this picture. I don't know anyone that would say they don't want those abs. The thing is, what are you willing to do to get that. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THAT? It's different for all of us. I have found that the more success I attain in my fitness journey (like putting on my new pair of Reebok bootie shorts today in size M and feeling 100% confident in how I looked in them!!!) - the more I want that next level. And I'm willing to do the work because I've done the work to get HERE. But if you haven't started working out or eating right yet and you look at any fitness mag out there, you might want great abs but until you really personalize that desire and it means something to you not just a casual "oh yea, I'd like to have abs like that" wish-- then a statement like that does nothing.  

Decide how bad you want your fitness goal, or whatever your goal is. Then when you decide, you MUST 1000000000% BELIEVE in yourself that you can do it. DO NOT TELL YOURSELF that you need anyone or anything else--- you have to be 1000000% confident that you can and will take the actions necessary. If you make your goals or feelings dependent on others- you are looking for an easy out.  


When YOU have conviction....when YOU practice every hour of every day of every week being 10000000% sure of your belief, your goal and your ability to get there-- everything will change and the people around you will be inspired by your CONVICTION. You will become contagious. But you must LEAD yourself. Don't look for someone to pull you. Don't sit around thinking of all the things your husband or wife does wrong and say "I'm gonna sit back until they realize how wrong they are!"-- YOU BE THE CHANGE. Do the work without EVER for one second making your actions be contingent on anyone or anything else.  

do the work. be the change.  


These are BIG mind changes for many of us. And this isn't a one time thing people. If you are really dedicated to becoming better and better in every way in your life- you must RE-TEACH yourself, RE-FEED yourself and RE-EVALUATE yourself constantly. I've had to really check myself this week-- found myself being negative and feeling "out of control" with work pressures again-- and it took a toll on me physically. I had to snap myself out of it and you know what-- it's a GOOD thing. I feel like I learned a good lesson this week and now I am putting some more new habits in place to reinforce the GOOD practices in my life and discourage the bad.  


Think about going on a road trip. You pack for a month long journey and get in your car and and say, who cares where I end up? Let's just drive. Well you could end up in North Dakota or Miami. Hmmm I'd rather be in Miami. But without a target -- a specific target-- you could aimlessly drive forever. No one is that dumb. DEFINE where you want to go. Where there is a will there is a way-- and DO NOT LISTEN TO THE ANNOYING NEGATIVE HATERS that will say "oh right....good luck with that."--- you look at them with certainty and say "I DON'T NEED LUCK, I'VE GOT THIS. WATCH ME." 


So what are your SPECIFIC goals?? I'll be sharing a lot more of mine and I will tell you this there will be NO DOUBT in my mind about accomplishing them. I will never give up. I won't WISH. I will plan. I won't WHINE. I will WIN. I won't complain, I will CHANGE.  

I had such a moment putting these shorts on in my hotel room today and they fit and I felt DAMN GREAT about how I looked in them. Inside it says "I am the toughest girl I know" LOVE IT.  


Another thing I've been having some serious fun with is learning all the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Camera I received from Verizon Wireless. Um, did I mention it has VOICE COMMAND?? So-- see below, I was alone in my hotel room last night after Yoga with Travis and I shot this picture NO HANDS MOM!! 

KO yoga.jpg

Yes. You can shoot video and photos-- all with voice command and it's like a dang smartphone-- everything is on there-- Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook etc. Plus email and internet with Verizon 4GLTE network-- happy happy happy. I am still learning the how-tos but I will be able to take a lot more photos and videos creatively than I ever could before with my camcorder. And no USB crap to upload content-- you do it directly from the camera! BOOM.  

Yes, I am still obsessed with Ultimate Yogi and making so much progress! OMG. I am diving into the month 2 DVDS so I am excited to share with you what I'm doing on those ones. So cool.  


Learning to love this pose more and more. Amazing how out of breath I get doing this- he does one where you hold for 5 breaths- then down, then hold for 10 breaths then down then 15 and my heart rate gets UP THERE. But I love it.  


Evolve and Grow. Do Epic.


Happy Friday Kittens!! So sorry this photo is a bit blurry. It was impromptu after Yoga this morning and I just had this moment of .....whoa. I am wearing these yoga SHORTS and feeling GOOD in them. And I kept looking at my legs in the workout and in stretches seeing the definition and feeling my strength and flexibility growing....and I was just plain AMPED. I am so proud of how far I've come this year and --- furthermore, so proud that even in the midst of like, what, 2 months of seemingly non-stop illness from getting SICK in February, to strep throat, to sickness right AFTER the strep throat to walking pneumonia to tonsillitis.....then all the emergency dental work in the midst of all of this......MADNESS!! LOL

But it's all good. It is all settling now and behind me. And I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FUTURE! SOOOOOOOOOOO PSYCHED. So grateful for progress, and health and so grateful for the lessons in life, so grateful for my ability to learn from them and to EVOLVE AND GROW. This is my new mantra.  


I've had a lot of my close inner circle peeps and yoga mentors tell me that I need meditation but I've never done it because....why.....because I thought "I can't do that, I can't quiet my mind that long...." 

NO MORE "I CAN'T". Remember? 

So, as you know, I bought the Ultimate Yogi DVD set, and am obsessed with it. I put in the meditation DVD the other night-- as I really needed to quiet my mind this week. And - as usual-sometimes the messages that we NEED to hear will find us, whether it is a book we read, a friend saying something, a song, a movie-- sometimes it's just timing to HEAR words that speak to us and hit us right where we ARE. And then it's like a wave washing over you of awareness and clarity. It's good.  

"The things that I think.....lead to what I become" #truth. And then he said something about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And that is the answer to NOT letting things destroy you. When you react to stress and to others that deceive you, hurt you, betray you or try to impede your progress or just add toxicity to your life, THINK OF THEM and love them unconditionally. HARDER than we think yes but then it becomes easy because when you practive love and forgiveness and letting go of stress and anxiety and worry-- you doooooo open the doors for EVOLUTION. FOR GROWTH. FOR ABUNDANT BLESSING.  

Trust me. I've been through MADNESS the past 5 years many of you know this, and I firmly believe I am here now and doing great things because I chose to LEARN. I chose to check myself and find out how I can become better. I became a humble teachable person. I know that I am a garden that is NEVER FINISHED.  

Yea, I'm sounding very peace love and hippie but DEAL WITH IT. We all need this in our lives and it works and-- of course it helps your PHYSICAL PROGRESS. My body is changing and doing things I couldn't do in my twenties. I am loving every moment.  


And now I must run to an appointment. I leave for Portland OR on Monday-- excited for a great week and to see so many friends at the Fitbloggin conference. Are you going?  

And in the mean time, here are some random new things I am LOVING and obsessing over.....will shoot a vlog tomorrow. ;-)  

Reebok ONE Shoe

Reebok ONE Shoe

Um. Yes. Hello neon fun color from Reebok--- this is the new Reebok ONE training shoe for the neutral runner- NOT over-pronator. Here's a video review: CLICK HERE.

I have not trained in them yet but stay tuned for my feedback.  


Have not yet used my Pear Sports app but Amy is obsessed with how it trains you on your runs. Stay tuned for when I finally use it this week in Portland. ;-) 


This has me written all over it. And I plan to. ;-) 

DISCLOSURE: Both Reebok and Pear Sports are clients of my company, FitFluential. I was provided with these products at no cost. All opinions are my own.  I bought the Ultimate Yogi DVD set on my own, and I do use affiliate links when promoting the website.