Pretty simple. Right? But yet so many of us in our personal lives, professional lives and fitness lives let the opinions of others RULE our actions.


You all are asking me a lot lately-- and I am happy to share-- what has changed in me? Why am I having success now? It didn't happen all at once people but the big changes were in my MIND-- in my attitude and my belief in myself. And one HUGE HUGE HUGE thing is to -- especially if you are blogging, YouTubing etc--- you will get MORE OPINIONS on what you do or don't do than you ever imagined.

IGNORE. Just nod your head and say THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.

DO YOUR OWN THING. Move in a way that you like. Workout as often as you like. Eat a plan or follow an approach that works for you. The people that pop in and comment and critique you-- NEED TO GET OUT MORE.

Decide right now to IGNORE those that criticize your approach. Decide now. Because it won't stop. THIS change will help you so much, I cannot even tell you how much....until you experience it.

Step one. GO YOUR OWN WAY. Put your virtual ear plugs in and just DO YOUR THING. And then watch how much you accomplish while all these tools out there that want to critique others spend their days getting more flabby and lethargic and bitter. NOT pretty.

Gotta run-more later-- vacation is imminent and I have to prepare! ;-)