Manic Monday!!!


OMG. I cannot wait to get back to the GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This body is screaming for heavy leg day and screaming for a killer shoulder session and then some back and biceps....................and more. Oh boy, I'm so excited because I feel like now that I have finally really RESTED the right way to get better from the dang strep throat madness, I can safely say we can get back to some serious hard core gym time. I've still been able to fit in some cardio obviously and SOME yoga the past 4-8 weeks of madness but certainly not my usual routine. Wow-- see how one week can turn into a long nightmare?? Yea.  

But I'm moving on and EXCITED!! I've told you all recently how my new training will have 1) the above mentioned hard core gym time -- and yes, now that I can finally be well enough to GO to the gym, Michael and I will shoot VIDEOS of our training and some photos from the gym as well.) 2) a LOT more yoga-- hot yoga at Corey's studio (and yes, stay tuned for more here and on and on our MOBILE APP!! from Corey the bada** Yoga dude you must follow. He rocks.), the Ultimate Yogi and Janet Stone DVDs for when I don't make it there or when I travel and 3) mixed up cardio-- including Turbo Fire, Cathe, running and Les Mills Combat plus...throwing in some Ballet Body and Physique 57. HOW COOL IS THAT! 

Now-- today I am in NYC. Flew in this morning, head home on Friday. Have a lot of crazy-exciting meetings for FitFluential-World. ;-) But-- for some reason-- and this points to an OPPORTUNITY for me-- I did not sleep THE ENTIRE NIGHT last night. Seriously- tossing and turning. I took Advil PM two times. TWO TIMES. My mind just does not shut off. I have to dive into some serious meditation and a wind-down routine to clear my head before bed because---- no rest, that causes a ton of bad health issues. I have the best thing going with the dreamy Technogel Bed and the pillow that keeps my head  COOL (I set the AC very cool at night-- cooler temps are good for sleep!) -- then I cover up my clock so that light isn't disturbing me but folks, it is MY MIND racing about work that keeps me up. It must be silenced.  

That said, I am off to bed. I'm at a great hotel with a great bed and it's QUIET. Amen.  

Ready to kick some a** tomorrow!! I brought all my DVDs, not sure how the gym is here but I have my Valslides, valbands, TRX, resistance bands and such. It's rainy and gross in NYC so I don't know that I'll be running outside for a day or so....we'll see.  

Stay tuned! what's your weather like this week?? 


Recovery! YES!


Hello, Goal Torso. I will find you.  

Hey Kittens, how was your Saturday? I titled this post RECOVERY! YES! because I do feel.....recovered. Took my last of the antibiotics yesterday-- and I feel ready to dive in and move on and up! BOOM. I did a little of this this morning: 


I have shared how my problem is that I tend to find a workout I love and then do it over and over and over and over-- and that's true with Les Mill Combat, I keep doing my favorite 60 minute Extreme Cardio Fighter, well hello look at this preview of what the rest of the DVDS offer: 


Yea. I'm gonna be all over this variety people. How lucky am I to have all these killer fun workouts to do??? I don't HAVE TO workout, I GET TO workout. Change your mindset. ;-) It matters. You'll start to look forward to your training and your recovery. Here's what I will be doing for 90 later today:


I don't think I've had a massage in 4 weeks. Because the last time I went was when I cracked my tooth off....and then it's been 4 weeks of DRAMA. So my body is screaming for recovery. And I have the best massage therapist. I have my #1 favorite and then 2-3 local backups that are fantastic. I will be a different person by this afternoon. ;-) 

What's your plan for this weekend? I'm gonna go make a hujazz salad with grilled chicken on it and balsamic vinaigrette. I'm finding myself soooo addicted to big salads because I have finally found the art of making it at home!  

Now....take a peek at this. I mention this in my video but-- y'all want to subscribe to the new FitFluential YouTube Channel and get our app. Why? HELLOOOOO workouts on the go and you have no idea what else is coming........ 

She is awewsome. Now enjoy my babble-on-a-thon below. See you tomorrow. ;-)

Time to take it UP several notches!


What's up people? Yea. I owe another apology for not blogging like a good girl - but I did take some time off, on purpose and well, yes. I was crazy busy end of last week and early this week. It's now Thursday and it's my first relatively normal day all week.

That said, I promised to do a post that shared with you all what my "program" was the past 90 days-- my workouts, my eats, my supplements-- and then share with you the goals for THIS quarter because IT'S ON.

So. Here's the thing. It feels AWESOME to be so proud. I am psyched. I am proud. I am ready to build on what I've started. I have to tell you all-- DON'T THINK THAT YOU CAN'T. I just turned 44 and I am really feeling better about myself NOW than I have in probably my whole adult life. THAT IS AMAZING.


DISCLOSURE: I am not a doctor. I am not a certified personal trainer or a dietitian. I am only sharing what I have been doing to get the results that work for me-- I am not recommending or telling any of you to do anything or buy anything or try anything that you haven't researched on your own. This is just me sharing my journey-- NOT me prescribing anything! (sorry, have to be clear)


I use GNC Vitapaks. Although I loathe the process of taking vitamins, I do it daily. The packs make it just so simple.

I use BSN Lean Dessert protein powder to make protein pancakes. It is the best protein powder I've tried for those purposes. I use PB2 to make a sauce for the top-- OMG to die for.


And then y'all know how much I love my Genetix HD -- Prosculpt in the morning before my workout then pills with my post-meal vitamins.

I use the GNC AMP protein for all protein shakes and for making Zucchini Protein Bread NOM NOM. ;-)  What do I eat typically?

  1. Meal One-- 1/2 cup oats plus 1 spoon of PB2, scrambled egg whites, Coffee with coconut oil, cinnamon and heavy cream. 
  2. Meal Two -- usually some kind of protein (turkey meatloaf 5oz or tilapia or chicken or salmon burger) with a salad and roasted veggies and hummus. Or a salad version of this.
  3. Meal Three, Four and Five tend to be strictly protein. I have almonds for snacks or some PB2 if I feel I need something carby-tasting.
  4. Not doing fruit right now. But if and when I do it'll be morning/early afternoon and one serving.
  5. Lots of water-- was bad on that last month, getting back to drinking a LOT of it.
  6. One diet soda a day ;-(

This honestly has NOT been difficult for me. People I did not have ONE cheat day for I think 2 months. No joke. I kicked ass. Oh--- I have sashimi when I go out and seaweed salad. Also do shrimp cocktail in the evenings too. YUMMY.

Workout Plan:

  1. Cardio every morning on empty tummy. Was 1/2 hour now more like 45-60 because I enjoy it and am amping it up. Last quarter I did MOST cardio at home-- Les Mills Combat and Turbo Fire (IN LOVE and yes I'd say that has a lot to do with my arms getting as good as they are getting-- sooooooooo much punching and using your arms, it's sick. In a good way.) Also do cardio at night before bed or if I do weight training say at 4pm, I'd do cardio after that for 30 minutes.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Les Mills. And then Chalene's Turbo Fire has blown me away how fun it is. Seriously-- SO FUN, GREAT KICKASS MUSIC AND sweatfest galore like 200000 workouts in this advanced set:

And of course, one of my all time favorites on the planet is CATHE. Um, where do I start, I have about 20 DVDs now, just got XTrain, and now she has 7 new DVDS coming out. And Michael and I were just talking about how annoying it is that we feel like the gym- and when it's crowded or not crowded how that determines our workout SCHEDULE and we hate it. I'm favoring getting back to more workouts at home and inevitably getting a kick butt GYM in my own home when I move. Seriously.

Honestly, I don't know how she does it but Cathe keeps amping up new workouts and they ALL - seriously all of them are incredible. Weight training, step, kickboxing, abs, cardio, circuits, boot camps etc. I will tell you this- get you some Cathe. You will not regret it. 

Workout Plan Contd:

  1. Weight Training - isolation type heavy weight training 3-4x a week minimum. Always going hard and heavy and KILLING IT. 

Goals for workout this next quarter. Still doing cardio first thing in the morning. Now the goal is to hit the stairs at the gym 3x a week and run 2-3x a week-- so MIXING IT UP a bit more. I'll do stairs, my home DVDs, and running. Weight training will be hard isolation training mixed in with a couple rapid fire circuit style training days. Just mixing it up every week. Also-- definitely back to doing yoga 2-3x per week and sometimes that would be a cardio #2 option. 

So. I worked. I focused. I honestly was not losing my mind on the "diet" and now we do cheat meals once a week. But I'm not sitting around obsessing about food. REALLY. And....when you get the results, it lights your fire to do more. 

I have lost 15lbs so far!! And I also have gotten over my ridiculous fear of sharing my weight with anyone. Last November when I weighed myself I was significantly MORE than I thought. TYPICAL-- we all think "oh I need to lose 10lbs or so...." when really it's more like 25-30 or a lot more. I was at 155lbs (I'm 5'5 if that helps) -- and that was the weight I'd gained during perimenopause-- where I'd been stuck for 2 years or more. I am now right about 140 but let me tell you-- the changes in my body have been outrageous. The lowest weight I recall myself being was 125lbs -- but back then I did not have the muscle I have now. I'll say this-- sucks a bit......I've gone down an entire bra size. My boobs have like GONE AWAY!! But y'all know that I've wanted a boob job since I was 20 so that's gonna happen this summer. (Judge me if you will. I like fake, immobile boobs)

So-- my goal is to AIM for 125 but frankly, I don't care what the weight is after I've lost the rest of the fat. Most of my fat loss needs to happen in my core area-- clearly I've lost it in my BOOBS, lost a lot in my legs- my butt has become quite lovely I must say-- my arms have leaned out but yea, the area that is last to lean out is my core and that's where women gain weight hormonally later on. LADIES PAY ATTENTION!! 

Dang! Have to put up two vlogs today. Because I am a blogger slacker this week. ;-) Below is me talking about the progress from this past quarter etc. Please let me know in the comments what questions you have for me. And.....let's do this together! COME ON!


Disclosure: GNC and BSN are clients of my company, FitFluential. I am also an independent Beachbody Consultant so if you purchase products from my site I will earn a commission. All opinions shared here are my own.