Manic Monday!!!


OMG. I cannot wait to get back to the GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This body is screaming for heavy leg day and screaming for a killer shoulder session and then some back and biceps....................and more. Oh boy, I'm so excited because I feel like now that I have finally really RESTED the right way to get better from the dang strep throat madness, I can safely say we can get back to some serious hard core gym time. I've still been able to fit in some cardio obviously and SOME yoga the past 4-8 weeks of madness but certainly not my usual routine. Wow-- see how one week can turn into a long nightmare?? Yea.  

But I'm moving on and EXCITED!! I've told you all recently how my new training will have 1) the above mentioned hard core gym time -- and yes, now that I can finally be well enough to GO to the gym, Michael and I will shoot VIDEOS of our training and some photos from the gym as well.) 2) a LOT more yoga-- hot yoga at Corey's studio (and yes, stay tuned for more here and on and on our MOBILE APP!! from Corey the bada** Yoga dude you must follow. He rocks.), the Ultimate Yogi and Janet Stone DVDs for when I don't make it there or when I travel and 3) mixed up cardio-- including Turbo Fire, Cathe, running and Les Mills Combat plus...throwing in some Ballet Body and Physique 57. HOW COOL IS THAT! 

Now-- today I am in NYC. Flew in this morning, head home on Friday. Have a lot of crazy-exciting meetings for FitFluential-World. ;-) But-- for some reason-- and this points to an OPPORTUNITY for me-- I did not sleep THE ENTIRE NIGHT last night. Seriously- tossing and turning. I took Advil PM two times. TWO TIMES. My mind just does not shut off. I have to dive into some serious meditation and a wind-down routine to clear my head before bed because---- no rest, that causes a ton of bad health issues. I have the best thing going with the dreamy Technogel Bed and the pillow that keeps my head  COOL (I set the AC very cool at night-- cooler temps are good for sleep!) -- then I cover up my clock so that light isn't disturbing me but folks, it is MY MIND racing about work that keeps me up. It must be silenced.  

That said, I am off to bed. I'm at a great hotel with a great bed and it's QUIET. Amen.  

Ready to kick some a** tomorrow!! I brought all my DVDs, not sure how the gym is here but I have my Valslides, valbands, TRX, resistance bands and such. It's rainy and gross in NYC so I don't know that I'll be running outside for a day or so....we'll see.  

Stay tuned! what's your weather like this week?? 


Recovery! YES!


Hello, Goal Torso. I will find you.  

Hey Kittens, how was your Saturday? I titled this post RECOVERY! YES! because I do feel.....recovered. Took my last of the antibiotics yesterday-- and I feel ready to dive in and move on and up! BOOM. I did a little of this this morning: 


I have shared how my problem is that I tend to find a workout I love and then do it over and over and over and over-- and that's true with Les Mill Combat, I keep doing my favorite 60 minute Extreme Cardio Fighter, well hello look at this preview of what the rest of the DVDS offer: 


Yea. I'm gonna be all over this variety people. How lucky am I to have all these killer fun workouts to do??? I don't HAVE TO workout, I GET TO workout. Change your mindset. ;-) It matters. You'll start to look forward to your training and your recovery. Here's what I will be doing for 90 later today:


I don't think I've had a massage in 4 weeks. Because the last time I went was when I cracked my tooth off....and then it's been 4 weeks of DRAMA. So my body is screaming for recovery. And I have the best massage therapist. I have my #1 favorite and then 2-3 local backups that are fantastic. I will be a different person by this afternoon. ;-) 

What's your plan for this weekend? I'm gonna go make a hujazz salad with grilled chicken on it and balsamic vinaigrette. I'm finding myself soooo addicted to big salads because I have finally found the art of making it at home!  

Now....take a peek at this. I mention this in my video but-- y'all want to subscribe to the new FitFluential YouTube Channel and get our app. Why? HELLOOOOO workouts on the go and you have no idea what else is coming........ 

She is awewsome. Now enjoy my babble-on-a-thon below. See you tomorrow. ;-)