Please Forgive this Unscheduled Interruption.

Happy Friday people. I'll explain why later but suffice it to say I've had MAJOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSITION ISSUES THIS WEEK. OMG. I literally spent the better part of the day on SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY AND some of WEDNESDAY dealing with backtracking to retrieve data etc. Will explain later.

Off to the gym. ;-) I'm crushing it y'all. 

So thankful to Dr. Mike and Todd for creating a kick butt plan and for believing in me and pushing me. Cuz now it's not even a question. IT'S HAPPENING. In fact, FYI I've lost 2.6 pounds this week. BAM! 

I promised on Instagram that I'd share this recipe I am addicted to- originally from Gina Allioti's DVD

So easy. I make it almost every day for one meal. 

Grab a bowl. Add 1/2 cup oats. Add a handful of shredded zucchini (big handful, I use food processor to shred a lot at a time and keep the rest in my fridge for the next day), add 4 egg whites, add 1 Tsp Baking Soda, Cinnamon and sweetener if you wish. Add 1 to 1.5 scoops protein powder, (I'm currently using GNC AMP 60 Vanilla). Mix up. Add to greased pan-- I adjusted baking time for my oven, I bake at 360 for 50 minutes. Originally called for 375 at 50-55 but mine was getting overdone. 

One meal = one loaf.

OMG old favorite. It's back in my life. LOVE IT. 

Now here's my vlog from earlier-- I will be back with you this weekend with updates now that I'm all up to date with WORKING COMPUTERS AND SUCH! OY

How has your week been??? Are you off to a kick butt start to 2013??? ;-))

This train didn't stop today!

Is this freaking you out? The extent to which the KO Comeback is ON and in your face? That's how I roll now peeps. I am unstoppable now. 

BTW this picture above illustrates what I'm doing at home in some of my workouts with my UGI Fit ball. Very fun. Gets the heart rate UP. ;-)

Here's my post-workout vlog from last night. Yea.    OWNED IT.

You heard me talk about #PROOF in this vlog. And we'll be doing a write-up on this on the FitFluential blog early next week. But, we invite you to join all of us in sharing our "PROOF" of activity every day on Twitter (of course you can tag it anywhere (instagram, Facebook, your blog, YouTube, etc.) by using #FitFluential #PROOF. HINT-- there will be weekly and monthly prizes in the near future for this. ;-)

Found this on Tumblr today. Everything I'm doing, I'm focusing on carving up that core. Not JUST for looks but also for STRENGTH. The more you realize how your core is involved in every movement the body makes, the more you realize how critical core strength is for us as we age. And I'm AGING y'all. ;-)

On a side note, a ton of you have written me asking about FitFluential- who can be a member, etc. Here are the answers. ANYONE that is interested in Fitness and in future exclusive discounts, deals and announcements of regional fun fitness events should join. You can join as an Enthusiast (which means you don't have to be a blogger or YouTuber) by CLICKING HERE.

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Common Questions arise-- NO there are no fees to membership. NO being an Ambassador is not a "JOB" where you are required to do anything on a monthly or weekly basis, you are simply presented with paid opportunities that you can opt in for or out of etc. We have BIG HUGE things coming up this year and I will tell you this. You are crazy to not join my FitFluential Family. We have 3000 members and reach more than 60 Million people each month. Join us and join the fun. You won't regret it.

Now. I must go get in some cardio and core tonight. Taking my GenetixHD first to torch my calories. WOOOT! Love this stuff. For Realz. Take a peek at my new BFF Will in this commercial. And you'll be hearing a lot more from him very soon through FitFluential. This guy knows his stuff. 

 Last night I did a killer legs/glutes workout. OWNED IT. What's your plan for today?