WHAT'S UP PEOPLE?? Yes. I am so psyched to say that --- I was a good girl. I rested this week.  (Rather easy to do when I get to rest in my most awesome Technogel Bed. Seriously, this takes GOOD SLEEP to a new level. Plus I've shared before how much I love that the mattress and pillows don't conduct heat so you stay cool. EPIC. ) I listened to the doctor, I didn't keep working all day. I moved calls/meetings to next week. I RESTED. I did not workout. And today- I woke up to NO pain when I swallow, no white welts on my tonsils and feeling FULL OF ENERGY!! I did my first workout in 5 days and wow it felt awesome to be back.

Of course, I got a little pissed this morning when I weighed myself and the scale was up 2lbs. But-- I'm marking it down and using that annoying fact to fuel the next week of a** kicking. HELLOOOO I haven't worked out in 5 days and I've been eating nothing but soft foods like oats and Greek Yogurt and some pizza yes pizza, and eggs. And Starbucks. Yea-- it was a one-two punch, dental work plus tonsillitis made my mouth a sad place. But. I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S ON. I AM DETERMINED TO PUT ALL THIS ILLNESS BEHIND ME. To focus on taking care of me so I am never here again!


How simple but true is this? You don't like your results? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Stop wishing for it, stop whining about it and start WINNING every day. EVERY DAY. 

So....I am very excited about the next chapter of my training. Things are about to get taken up many notches and yes, I said that probably right around my birthday but let's be real people, I've been either sick or dealing with major dental work for the past 2 months straight. FREAKING OVER IT. I'm proud of how much I did stick with it but-- I probably stuck with it too much when I should have rested.....Lessons Learned.

Here are a couple of things I'm going to be incorporating into my FULL OF VARIETY training plan. SO EXCITED.


Excited about this. I plan to use Leah's workouts plus I'm going to start using Physique 57 as well mixed in. Love the idea of mixing in this type of focus with the cardio, yoga, and heavy weight training we'll be doing. Here is a peek at Leah's workouts:

Now, when I can I always want to go to Yoga, Hot Yoga- at the studio. At Corey's Studio or when I'm in Miami-- wherever Kelly teaches or has friends teaching....but when I am on the road and sometimes when I am at home and can't make a specific class I wanted to add to the Janet Stone DVDs I had. I really wanted some GOOD GOOD TOUGH ZEN Yoga DVDS for home. Hello Ultimate Yogi. I think I discovered this on Collage Video:


Here is the preview video I saw that sold it for me, then when I saw how much you get in the package I was all like OH HELLZ YEA.

I am in love already-- last night I previewed the first workout and I can tell I am going to be Ga-GA over this. They have meditation guide in here too which CLEARLY this woman needs to quiet her brain down. I am very excited about this.


I also may or may not have ordered over 10 books on yoga while I was sick. My girl Jami kind of nudged me with her getting her yoga certification and I realized that not only do I feel like yoga just changes me in every way- physically, mentally, spirtually-- yea, I've got that fever people-- but I want to understand it. I want to know how to do it better and the history and what muscles I'm using and how to work up to certain poses. What I love about this is that you can study yoga forever. Like life-- you always can re-examine your life and change and improve right? ;-)

Of course I will still be doing the TURBO FIRE AND LES MILLS COMBAT which I love. Throwing the occassional Insanity in there. Trainng with Michael HARD at the gym-- and finally people we'll shoot some videos!! Now that I'm not like a sick dog in the doghouse anymore.....It's all good.

What's your latest obsession or new focus? What do you want to try that you haven't??

enjoy today's babble-on-a-thon. More tomorrow. ;-)

Yea YOU KNOW it's on.

Happy New Year!

What? Why, yes, I was up at 6:30am today! And not because I was hungover oh NO. I headed my a** to Life Time Fitness and GOT ALL OVER IT

I am not playing. And well, when I share a picture of my new BFF that I train with at the gym, you'll see what I mean when I say I DO WHAT HE SAYS. There is something to be said about working out WITH SOMEONE -- whether it's a trainer or at least a friend that knows good form and how to spot. Remember I got really frustrated at first trying to do my legs workout alone-- learning how to front squat and trying to go heavy but worrying about bad form and injury.....that sucks. But now, I've got that all handled. 

And today by the time 9am rolled around I was spent. My entire body has some form of DOMS at this point-- some left over from late last week and some are just starting to creep in now from this morning.

And I love it.

I have made serious progress on so many things this past week or so. I dove in and started cleaning out my office. It's time to get ORGANIZED and then some. Because I'm all about efficiency in 2013 and not getting burned out-- making time for me and then when I am in the office, being productive.

It's that TREADMILL analogy I shared before. I won't do what I've done for over a year--- the same concept of just STAYING ON THE TREADMILL because I'm scared to get off. When I do that, I might still be moving but I'm moving SLOWER and losing momentum. When I get on and sprint/interval train I kick butt, then I leave and REST.

This is my approach for fitness and for business. 

Work will be there. I will handle it. I can LEAVE MY OFFICE and take care of myself!

That means my SLEEP will be a priority. Y'all know I don't do well with no sleep. The new Technogel mattress has made sleeping um so much more heavenly. I can't describe it but I have been MORE than wowed by the difference and the mattress is more FIRM than my last one, which I didn't think I'd like. But I just never want to leave.

I'm also going to bed EARLIER so I can get up earlier. And not WORKING BEFORE BED so I can shut this brain down. 

Now. My new office is equipped with some new badass goodness.

My new desktop:

It's not even here yet and I want to marry it. And I just upgraded my iPhone finally. Very upset that Mophie apparently doesn't make a charger for iPhone 5. 


I also have a Hujazz bulletin board to take up a wall in my office for my larger than life Vision Board. 

I also spent a little bit of cashola on some chic office organizational stuff for my office. Pictures later. I bought myself 2 new saucepans since I'm COOKING MORE in advance.....

Fishy Fishy Fishy.

Roasted Veggies. MMMM. 

Based on the input of my BFFs I'm ordering some Nutritional Yeast to put on the veggies-- have any of you tried that?

Making lots of Turkey Meatloaf, still loving my coffee with coconut oil/cinnamon and one TBS heavy cream. MMMMMM. 

There is absolutely no purpose in this photo other than to share that I LOVE the neon orange in these Reebok Real Flex shoes. #thatisall Also I should make sure not to use this Instagram filter as it looks like someone poured a ton of dirt on me, my shoes and my carpet. I am not that character from Charlie Brown with dirt all around him.

OH SNAP! DID I ALSO ORDER THIS LES MILLS BODY COMBAT FOR MY CARDIO? Yes. I did. I'm standing by the door waiting for this to show up.

Um. For some reason, today's post is NOT taking the embed code from YouTube correctly. So CLICK HERE to watch the dang preview. is my ramble-on-a-thon from last week. I have one more and then we are CAUGHT UP. ;-) 

So. How is YOUR first day of the year?? Are you kicking butt already?? Day isn't over yet. ;-)

Disclosure: Please note that Reebok, GNC, Life Time Fitness and Technogel are all clients of my company, FitFluential. All opinions are my own.