Fire it up.

Discloure: GNC, Polar and Under Armour are clients of my company, FitFluential. All opinions are my own. 

KO on fire.jpg

This is how I feel after my workouts. --Well, I should clarify. NOT after Yoga. After yoga, I feel more like this:  


But I will say this, I am back in my game (except for running which I'll get to....still resting out the whole Achilles issue. NOT pleased with this.) and it feels BETTER EVERY DAY!!! Aunt Flo just left this morning and even with her around I just got up each day feeling lighter and tighter and more -- yea, I'm gonna rhyme, like a FIGHTER. I've been getting up earlier this week -- 7am each day-- and I know that next week I can start transitioning to 6:30am and so on......success is building on success. I am doing cardio AND weights - at HOME this week and then next week will transition probably to doing 3-4 of the days at the gym, still figuring out what schedule works best for me. Really the biggest variable I'm working around is the fact that I now do my yoga every night-- so whereas earlier this year, I'd do an exta cardio session at night, now knowing my evenings are yoga, it makes that do I need extra cardio like before to achieve the last part of this fat loss-- or will amping up my weights-- and doing cardio every morning plus WEIGHT-Y workouts (meaning some are not isolation training they are a boot camp type thing) will that be "enough"? Well, we'll see. But my man Bill is gonna be my guide. Say hello to Bill y'all. I had fun with his photo as well. See what happens when you give me 5 minutes on PicMonkey??  

Bill is on fire.jpg

Bill is a man-beast. You'll be seeing a lot more of him here and on -- OMG so much fun stuff going live 10/1. I hope you are all (all 4 of you that read my blog) members of FitFluential. Finally, it's time for some big fun and perks for you guys and girls! ;-) And Bill is going to be my guide to abs of steel and being able to become more monster like without needing Botox. I'm thrilled with it. And for what it's worth, although I added fire to his photo and lightning (the fire in my photo was all natural, I am on fire after my workouts DUH)- nothin about Bill and the beast bod is photoshopped. The man knows what he's doing. He's the one that told me to do TWO SCOOPS OF BLUE in my Prosculpt every day. BRING. IT. BILL.  


And remember how I said you should be a FitFluential member? Yea. If you like this kind of GNC goodness, let's just say- you should be a FitFluential member. NOW. And I am very pleased-- still surprised frankly by how well this works, but very pleased that this is now my nighttime BFF-- this recovery drink from GNC that my BFF Dutch told me about. I did not think it could do what he said but I have broken up with Advil PM. Seriously.  


Here is my babble-on-a-thon about something. Not sure, I forget. Use this to help you fall asleep ;-) 

Now. It's yoga time. I love this part of the day. I had missed my yoga sesssions like 5 days in a row because of just ISSUES ok and boy-- that was a bad slip and my body missed it. ;-( I really like everything yoga does for me body and mind.  


Kick It.

 Disclosure: GNC and Polar are clients of my company FitFluential. All opinions are my own. 


This is me after my workout today. My plan was to go running. I've been aching to run for a while-- feeling that desire to get outside and just GO -- especially and probably more so because I cannot with this blasted blister on my left foot arch healing so painstakingly slow. Today-- I thought I was cool to run. That Arbonne Skin Conditioning Oil has worked wonders and the skin is healing but BLAST IT-- I got all dressed and put on my running shoes and practiced in my house and's too much. That shoe was pounding the skin and I felt like it would open that sore and I'd be 12 steps back.  

I WAS NOT HAVING IT. Here's the thing--Old me really might have gotten so upset about this, and I would have combined being angry about that and the fact that Aunt Flo is here with a lot of migraines-- and chocolate cravings-- and I would have probably not worked out.  

TIME TO KICK IT. And I don't mean kick it old school like Xscape. (For those of you that were a fetus at the time this girl band was owning it, please enjoy>....) 


Yeaaaa no. I'm not talking about kickin it that way. I'm talking about KICKING OLD HABITS. Kick that stuff to the curb. Recognize it and KICK IT. That's what I did today. Decided that even though it wasn't what I wanted, I did a home workout--- TurboFire (which never fails to be awesome) then some Ballet Body Lower Body. SWEET MOTHER OF GOD. My lower body is one fire as are my shoulders from all the punching, which meant I had to go in the bathroom and challenge my BFF Jeremy to another cheesy muscle selfie moment: 


Word. Wow. I'm really breaking out a lot of gangsta fly talk lately and I'm white. Whatever. ;-) 


LOVE my new Polar RC3. Clearly. Sassy red too. Thank you Polar. As you can see, I kicked some butt. I'm happy with that. And I was even more happy when I decided to put on my favorite orange bikini to lay out with today and BOOOM it fits and I gotta say I'm very happy with how I look. BAM. I'm 44 and I like it! NO I am not publishing THOSE selfies either!! LOL I still have at least another 10-15 I want to carve up (who knows what the scale will end up saying but I have fat to burn and muscle to build and I am loving every second of the way.  

Recognize your bad habits when they happen. Sometimes you'll feel like an idiot with the things you do but DON'T-- we are all human and have weird hangups. It's only weird if you keep doing it. You only fail if you give up. You progress in fitness and in life with perpetual re=evaluation and CHANGING. Be willing to do the work and be HONEST. 

For some people you'd think BEING HONEST is like setting themself on fire. Crazy. Life gets better when you live with honesty, gratitude, humility and a teachable attitude.  

Don't be lame. Be awesome.