It Gets Harder. And Easier At the Same Time.

Snap Crackle POP!

I have no idea why I just typed that. Is it because I'm thinking of carbs and Rice Krispy Treats popped into my head? Who knows? Do you really need a reason? There really doesn't need to be a logical train of thought in this world.

But suffice it to say, today was another GREAT day. Busy, but I got stuff DONE. 

Workout in the morning? OH YEA. 

Vitamins and Supplements? Check.

Did I order more groceries to match my diet needs? CHECK. Gotta love Peapod:

And then I made an old favorite with the above ingredients from Gina Allioti's DVD:

Yes. Zucchini Protein Bread. Isn't very sexy looking but it will make you sexy if you eat it and workout and keep the rest of your diet clean. ;-) 

Here's my BABBLE-ON-A-THON about USING A HEART RATE MONITOR and why ----- it's important and more important, why if you are just getting started, you cannot CANNOT CANNOT count on the machines at the gym or the announcement outside of a class that "This class burns 700 calories in an hour!"

Lots of things were delivered today. Seriously. My doorbell was ringing every 5 minutes it seemed.

Yummy. I cannot wait to do these. ;-)

I also got this with my Peapod order, which all my FitFluential besties seem to rave about for sprinkling on food:

I will do a video tour perhaps of my fridge and you'll see how badass preparing-chick I am now. And--- my blog title today, "It gets harder and easier at the same time". What do I mean? My workouts are getting harder. They are supposed to. So is my muscle. WOOT! Yes I said that. And the "diet" is believe it or not getting easier, although with each day I'm getting more "strict" in sticking to it and TAKING CARE OF ME and fueling my body and not looking at it like a chore. 


I finished up my day today with a 90-Minute Massage at Life Time Fitness. (my gym). Remember. I told you, I- and several other Fitfluential peeps and friends have all said they've found the best massage therapists at their Life Time Fitness. You all know I've been getting massages for years so I am very very picky. AMAZING---- THE ONLY THING MORE AMAZING ARE THE SICK PRICES! The most reasonable massage prices I've EVER seen. Oh-- and if you aren't a member, you can get a massage AND get free childcare for 2 hours AND use the gym for that day. HELLO.

And with this I say, HELLZ YEA. Goodnight. 

DISCLOSURE: GNC, Life Time Fitness, Polar USA - all clients of my company, FitFluential. All opinions here are my own.