Yea YOU KNOW it's on.

Happy New Year!

What? Why, yes, I was up at 6:30am today! And not because I was hungover oh NO. I headed my a** to Life Time Fitness and GOT ALL OVER IT

I am not playing. And well, when I share a picture of my new BFF that I train with at the gym, you'll see what I mean when I say I DO WHAT HE SAYS. There is something to be said about working out WITH SOMEONE -- whether it's a trainer or at least a friend that knows good form and how to spot. Remember I got really frustrated at first trying to do my legs workout alone-- learning how to front squat and trying to go heavy but worrying about bad form and injury.....that sucks. But now, I've got that all handled. 

And today by the time 9am rolled around I was spent. My entire body has some form of DOMS at this point-- some left over from late last week and some are just starting to creep in now from this morning.

And I love it.

I have made serious progress on so many things this past week or so. I dove in and started cleaning out my office. It's time to get ORGANIZED and then some. Because I'm all about efficiency in 2013 and not getting burned out-- making time for me and then when I am in the office, being productive.

It's that TREADMILL analogy I shared before. I won't do what I've done for over a year--- the same concept of just STAYING ON THE TREADMILL because I'm scared to get off. When I do that, I might still be moving but I'm moving SLOWER and losing momentum. When I get on and sprint/interval train I kick butt, then I leave and REST.

This is my approach for fitness and for business. 

Work will be there. I will handle it. I can LEAVE MY OFFICE and take care of myself!

That means my SLEEP will be a priority. Y'all know I don't do well with no sleep. The new Technogel mattress has made sleeping um so much more heavenly. I can't describe it but I have been MORE than wowed by the difference and the mattress is more FIRM than my last one, which I didn't think I'd like. But I just never want to leave.

I'm also going to bed EARLIER so I can get up earlier. And not WORKING BEFORE BED so I can shut this brain down. 

Now. My new office is equipped with some new badass goodness.

My new desktop:

It's not even here yet and I want to marry it. And I just upgraded my iPhone finally. Very upset that Mophie apparently doesn't make a charger for iPhone 5. 


I also have a Hujazz bulletin board to take up a wall in my office for my larger than life Vision Board. 

I also spent a little bit of cashola on some chic office organizational stuff for my office. Pictures later. I bought myself 2 new saucepans since I'm COOKING MORE in advance.....

Fishy Fishy Fishy.

Roasted Veggies. MMMM. 

Based on the input of my BFFs I'm ordering some Nutritional Yeast to put on the veggies-- have any of you tried that?

Making lots of Turkey Meatloaf, still loving my coffee with coconut oil/cinnamon and one TBS heavy cream. MMMMMM. 

There is absolutely no purpose in this photo other than to share that I LOVE the neon orange in these Reebok Real Flex shoes. #thatisall Also I should make sure not to use this Instagram filter as it looks like someone poured a ton of dirt on me, my shoes and my carpet. I am not that character from Charlie Brown with dirt all around him.

OH SNAP! DID I ALSO ORDER THIS LES MILLS BODY COMBAT FOR MY CARDIO? Yes. I did. I'm standing by the door waiting for this to show up.

Um. For some reason, today's post is NOT taking the embed code from YouTube correctly. So CLICK HERE to watch the dang preview. is my ramble-on-a-thon from last week. I have one more and then we are CAUGHT UP. ;-) 

So. How is YOUR first day of the year?? Are you kicking butt already?? Day isn't over yet. ;-)

Disclosure: Please note that Reebok, GNC, Life Time Fitness and Technogel are all clients of my company, FitFluential. All opinions are my own. 


Oh Snap! I'm Back Already?

What's up people? Happy Wednesday!! ;-) Surprised I'm back so soon?? Yup, working hard on getting back in the groove, into a habitual schedule like before. Heck, I might even do more BRIEF BLOGS! hahahahahaha

The picture above I took this morning after my kickboxing workout. I did Ilaria's Bodystrikes 2 DVD which I love. I just love kickboxing. Period. 


Anyway, so I was really proud of me for squeezing in some cardio before I left for my meeting. I had to leave at 10:45am, which means getting showered etc. at 9:45am and I had 2 proposals that HAD to go out this morning but I was up by 7:30am and DID IT ALL. BOOYA

I love it when my meetings happen at a sushi spot:

That's this one spot that makes the BEST spicy tuna roll EVER. No mayo-y type inside, it's like just FISH and that little dollop on the top is the only mayo-y part. And it's HOT LIKE FIRE. Which I enjoy tremendously. 

Then, meetings that end with Starbucks are always pleasurable:

A lot of you are writing me asking if I'll be sharing my new EATS and my new WORKOUTS and the answer is YES! Pictures and videos too. And for those of you that have been bugging me about me doing some workout videos, yes~~ we'll do that because I'll be working with my trainers at Life Time Fitness. Which- I just noticed when I went yesterday for my KILLER LEG WORKOUT (DOMS today, love that.)-- 

Life Time Fitness now offers Pilates and not just like Pilates STYLE but actual studios with the reformer and such. VERY COOL. I'm going to do this. And I noticed as I was dominating LEGS yesterday -- Life Time Fitness has added a lot more cool new equipment and options to their club. I've been a member for like 5 years or so, so I've always been a fan but-- now they have EVERYTHING. And they have what I'd call "Cross-Fit-Style" training as well. More yoga. More kettlebell, more everything. 

Did I mention that I now have my BEST MASSAGES ON THE PLANET, I'm not joking ON THE PLANET at my gym?? And....drumroll please--- their massages are the least expensive I've EVER SEEN. In Chicago a 90 minute massage is $75. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? 90-Minutes usually costs $120 or more. PLUS non-members can use the salons- and you get 2-HOURS of childcare AND A PASS FOR THE GYM! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO HEAVEN. And the salon-- ladies, they carry the best brands for hair, makeup etc. Can you say AVEDA and Bumble & Bumble?? It is so hard to find any place to buy Bumble & Bumble and they have it there. Sorry. Yes, Life Time Fitness IS a client of my company but I had NO IDEA of the sick deals in their salon and I'm just seriously blown away. ;-)

I get excited about the spa. And hair stuff. And makeup. And gyms. 

Here's my babble-on-a-thon from some day earlier........this week? I'm getting caught up! 

Also-- there is a PART TWO to this video coming tomorrow. The cool top I am wearing in the video is from VIEWSPORT!! I LOVE it. I like long-sleeve non-cotton tops that fit close, I wear them for running and weight training now that it's cold. The only improvement I'm telling VIEWSPORT to make is add the thumbholes!! LOL Us ladies like the thumbholes. So queer I know. But also BOOM if you want to get your own shirt, VIEWSPORT is offering 20% off through DECEMBER if you use the code PROOF. CLICK HERE to check it out and of course their other cool goods too. 


Disclosure: GNC (mentioned in video), Life Time Fitness, and Viewsport are clients/partners with my company, FitFluential. All opinions here are solely my own. 


Make it COUNT.

It's time to make your mark. One side or the other. Are you someone that has EVERY INTEREST in getting better but you find yourself going "Crap! I didn't get it done this week....." or are you someone that EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE IT-- you MAKE THE TIME. You know that it is a blessing to be healthy and to GET TO workout and define your fittest body, at any age. 

I've spent a bit too much time on the INTERESTED side and now- to reach my most epic goals, I have to leap to the DEDICATED, FOCUSED SIDE. 

All or nothing. Show up. Do the work. No excuses.

Whatever I did YESTERDAY tends to set the stage for what I do today. So every today is about creating my yesterday. I crushed my workout yesterday, when I was busy, and hadn't gotten it IN earlier in the day. I took out Cathe's Butts & Guts DVD and OWNED IT. I didn't just do it so I could say I did it. If I put my workout clothes on and arrive, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT COUNT. Push every rep, GO HEAVY, MAKE IT COUNT. Why just go through the motions?

Today I am sore as hell in my glutes and legs. I LOVE BUTTS & GUTS. OMG. That's right, I'm not interested in some flat boring butt. This baby got back and I only want to make it BETTER.

And today, I went to Life Time and MADE IT COUNT. I did 4 miles on the treadmill- 2 miles at 5mph pace then all kinds of incline intervals and sprints. Then sauna. I AM SPENT. And I am PROUD. I am so digging being back at the gym. I am also obsessed with hanging in the sauna after my workout. It feels awesome. 

Whatever you want-- it's not going to happen by wishing or thinking about it or planning for it.


So there you have it. I'll see you tomorrow. What's your weekend workout plan??