Kick It.

 Disclosure: GNC and Polar are clients of my company FitFluential. All opinions are my own. 


This is me after my workout today. My plan was to go running. I've been aching to run for a while-- feeling that desire to get outside and just GO -- especially and probably more so because I cannot with this blasted blister on my left foot arch healing so painstakingly slow. Today-- I thought I was cool to run. That Arbonne Skin Conditioning Oil has worked wonders and the skin is healing but BLAST IT-- I got all dressed and put on my running shoes and practiced in my house and's too much. That shoe was pounding the skin and I felt like it would open that sore and I'd be 12 steps back.  

I WAS NOT HAVING IT. Here's the thing--Old me really might have gotten so upset about this, and I would have combined being angry about that and the fact that Aunt Flo is here with a lot of migraines-- and chocolate cravings-- and I would have probably not worked out.  

TIME TO KICK IT. And I don't mean kick it old school like Xscape. (For those of you that were a fetus at the time this girl band was owning it, please enjoy>....) 


Yeaaaa no. I'm not talking about kickin it that way. I'm talking about KICKING OLD HABITS. Kick that stuff to the curb. Recognize it and KICK IT. That's what I did today. Decided that even though it wasn't what I wanted, I did a home workout--- TurboFire (which never fails to be awesome) then some Ballet Body Lower Body. SWEET MOTHER OF GOD. My lower body is one fire as are my shoulders from all the punching, which meant I had to go in the bathroom and challenge my BFF Jeremy to another cheesy muscle selfie moment: 


Word. Wow. I'm really breaking out a lot of gangsta fly talk lately and I'm white. Whatever. ;-) 


LOVE my new Polar RC3. Clearly. Sassy red too. Thank you Polar. As you can see, I kicked some butt. I'm happy with that. And I was even more happy when I decided to put on my favorite orange bikini to lay out with today and BOOOM it fits and I gotta say I'm very happy with how I look. BAM. I'm 44 and I like it! NO I am not publishing THOSE selfies either!! LOL I still have at least another 10-15 I want to carve up (who knows what the scale will end up saying but I have fat to burn and muscle to build and I am loving every second of the way.  

Recognize your bad habits when they happen. Sometimes you'll feel like an idiot with the things you do but DON'T-- we are all human and have weird hangups. It's only weird if you keep doing it. You only fail if you give up. You progress in fitness and in life with perpetual re=evaluation and CHANGING. Be willing to do the work and be HONEST. 

For some people you'd think BEING HONEST is like setting themself on fire. Crazy. Life gets better when you live with honesty, gratitude, humility and a teachable attitude.  

Don't be lame. Be awesome.  


Bend it.

DISCLOSURE: GNC, Verizon Wireless and Under Armour are clients of my company, FitFluential. All opinions are my own. 

Every morning-- pre workout we bring the BLUE. I am obsessed still with it and now Genetix HD has a post-workout recovery drink too CLICK HERE. It's finally time and I am finally able to amp this stuff UP. I don't think there are any parts of my body left to be injured or fall prone to sickness-- right?? LOL-- time for the GYM to be my BFF again. It's ON.  



Yup. Happy Friday. Today is very happy you know why-- because I am finally next to DONE dealing with this blasted blister issue! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO I will be able to RUN and hit the gym and do LEGS and be BBBBBACCCCK! DAYUM. I finally remembered last night I have that Arbonne Skin Conditioning Oil DUUUHHH I so wish I put that on this skin 10 days ago because in ONE night it has healed my skin so much- I am walking around today with no band-aid on and not in pain! BOOYA!   

I'm also really just plain annoyed with myself at how bad I've been at being diligent on my blog. It's ridiculous and now that we have hired more peeps at FitFluential (YAYAYYAYAYYAYA)  I can focus more on my own time mastery and doing the things I need to do for accountability and fun. This is one of them. We've got a whole lot to talk about....especially as I plan to MOVE TO MIAMI. 

You read that right. It probably won't be until next summer in reality, I am not going to rush myself by any means, and I might keep a condo here but to be in Chicago full time, not my game anymore. Plus a nice bonus of Miami among other things is.......being close to Mr. Jay! Remember my first and best trainer EVER??? 


He is just such a bada** and training with him-- it's different every single time. Not the same 5 bodybuilding exercises like some fake-trainers offer. ;-) It's different, it's up to date, he pays attention to each individual he trains. He knows which side of your body is weak and needs work to balance it out- he pays attention to everything. Watch below and you'll see what I mean-- when you work with him, YOU WORK. 


LOL. I love this man. You'll hear me sharing a lot more with Jay-- some videos down there yea and Jay is going to be all up in here in FitFluential world bringing the heat. And of'll see some more from my BFF Bill Sienerth at GNC: 


This man knows his stuff. He is another awesome bada**. ;-) And of course--- close to my BFF Kellykins, my first yoga guru


I love this woman- and really, I don't think I would have quit my job and done this FitFluential thing full force without her. Now.......I have to run, I am going to get MY yoga on before heading out tonight with my friend. I am still 100000000% addicted to The Ultimate Yogi for when I am not at a studio. HE IS INCREDIBLE and I am telling you- I make progress every time, every time. My body is changing, my appetite is changing everything is changing.  

Honestly. It's so addicting-- physically and spiritually --this much I can't say enough, and my parents are doing it now! so awesome. Gotta run my peeps. For now, here's a video to help you feel tired. ;-) 

Oh Snap. I forgot to mention, we'll be able to create a lot more PHOTOS and videos on the go, even when I am alone because of my new BFF the Samsung Galaxy Camera. BOOM.

Here is a little official blurb about it:

Samsung Galaxy Camera™

Free your photos. With the Samsung Galaxy Camera sharing your best shots has never been easier with the preloaded Instagram app. Capture images with this 16–MP camera featuring a powerful 21x optical–zoom lens then share it on Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network. It’s a full–featured camera, only smarter.

Key features:

Share photos and video with friends or to social media over 4G LTE

Enjoy the instant gratification of uploading your content to the cloud or social sites, then watch and respond to comments as they are posted

Capture great photos and video with this smart camera

Preserve your favorite moments in vivid detail with 16-megapixel images and 1080p HD video

Get closer to the action

The 21x optical-zoom lens performs better than your average smartphone camera

Take clearer photos when you are moving

Optical-image stabilization keeps the action in focus

Shoot photos like a pro with many preset modes

15 smart modes to capture the perfect photo, whether it is a person, landscape, panorama, waterfall, sunset or fireworks. Use Expert Control mode to manually adjust shutter speed, aperture and more.

Easily edit your photos and videos

The 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touch screen and built-in editing tools help you put the finishing touches on your media. 

Remember I've talked about this in the past on my videos and Iike a lamer I had not used it yet. CAN I JUST TELL YOU THE CAPABILITIES OF THIS BAD BOY??? VOICE ACTIVATED VIDEO HELLO. 

Thank you to the most awesome folks at Verizon Wireless who sent us this epic piece I'm gonna dive into. Seriously-- you have to click over to the VZW page and watch the video to see the capabilities.....I am so all over this- HERE IS THE LINK so you can watch the video at Verizon.



Do What You Can With What You've Got.

Disclosure: GNC, Verizon are both clients of my company, FITFLUENTIAL. All opinions are my own.

GNC Genetix HD.jpg

Aren't I beyond cheesy when I have my top match my GNC GenetixHD Prosculpt?? For realz. SO MANY of you are asking about this product line and I plan to take the whole line more proactively (they have a new product for post workout) in my next phase of training now. See below our  friend Dr. Prisk sharing the insights on this badass stuff that I am totally addicted to.


 Happy Friday people!! So why is this post titled as it is?? Because today was a perfect example of me having to adjust according to circumstances I had not planned for. Things were not perfect like I wanted and I had to get over it and JUST DO IT-- or do what I can with what I had available to me. 

I'm staying downtown for several meetings and as I do when I travel out of town, I packed workout clothes DVDs and more......With my plans to do my Ultimate Yogi DVDs at night and my workouts in the morning. Sometimes, things go not as planned. Last night I was invited to attend a very cool party with Verizon and Blackberry. Let me say this-- Verizon knows how to throw a party. The invite said that they'd have food but I thought-- based on my experience, parties that say they have food usually have one thing and it is unhealthy or GONE by the time you show up. I had a Cobb salad before I left and I regretted it -- they had like 10 stations of amazing fresh food-- and TONS of fruit, vegetables, salads, protein etc. I was bumming. I had some gazpacho in a shot glass that was killer.  

Blackberry Party.jpg

This is the 80's band they had there -- they were hysterical and amazing. Before the band played they had 80's songs on and OMG remember this song?? 

That reminds me of my OSU days. Wow. Good tunes. 

Barb and me.jpg

Here is my friend Barb with me again. She's a doll and poor thing-- I said we wouldn't stay long and later on she's like DUDE we've been here 2 hours!! LOL  


And this is my bestie Jeff from Verizon. We met on Twitter like in 2008 -- yea wayyyy back when us early birds got on-- and know we work together sharing the Verizone love. I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years if I am correct and I would NEVER SWITCH. They are worth every penny. See below as to the fabulous gift we got as we left-- how amazing is this?? 


Here's a funny backstory. I used nothing but Blackberry for YEARS-- and watch this video of me and Miss Amy where I am making fun of her iPhone:

Now. Let me CHECK MYSELF. Because-- for business reasons, I switched to iPhone and was adamantly in love. Now.....apparently Blackberry has stepped up because I heard several peeps lately saying they'd seen the latest Blackberry and were pretty wowed by it-- I am very curious to see what Happens when I dive in. See below. I did not shoot this video but am sharing it because it features the Blackberry Z10:

Now--- this party went a bit later than I thought so by the time I got home it was very late. I can't lie, I did NOT do my yoga last night. So I took my usual SLEEP HELP Advil PM and maybe it's because all this week I've only had WATER WITH LEMON-- no soda and no coffee-- so no caffeine --- but I was OUT. TOTALLY OUT and I slept WAY IN. OMG. it threw off my whole day. I go to make my first call and my room was blocking my signal-- Had to get outside to do my calls so I walked to a park and between my calls, I did a mini-circuit on a bench-- it was pretty high and I did a circuit of 10 each-- PUSH UPS, TRICEP DIPS AND HIGH STEP UPS-- 6 sets. Then walked back to the hotel. Got a GREAT salad from Freshii-- OMG I love this restaurant!! Then I had a meeting-- and I am pleased to say that I walked home (had workout clothes on) -- and this was probably 3 miles total (not planned-- I cannot lie -I am geographically clueless so I had to turn around several time). 

Was this my planned workout? Nope. Did I have my Polar HRM on to measure? No. Am I seeing I did the dang best I could? YES. Adjust people-- adjust. do SOMETHING. 

Now. It's Yoga time. In my room. Even though it's late. ;-) Ultimate Yogi, I love thee. (affiliate link)  

How was your day today?? What did you do to MOVE and get better??